The universalists don’t see the Zionism in Amos, and the hard-right Zionists don’t see the universalism.”, I asked him how he kept his faith. “I had this Ahmed in here once, doing repairs, and he said, ‘Do you know why I’m doing such good work? There are Israelis who, unlike Sharon, believe that a withdrawal from Gaza and most of the West Bank could dilute the Palestinians’ urge to make war. The fence will not follow the Green Line; in places it will penetrate deep into the West Bank, encompassing highly populated settlement blocs.

They also discerned a strategic value to settlement; these kipa-wearing pioneers would keep watch over the newly conquered Arabs, and they would help protect Israel’s middle—at its narrowest, Israel is nine miles wide. He continued, “We decided that we wouldn’t kill him if the children were in the house, but if his wife would be in the house we’d do it.” In the end, fourteen Palestinian civilians were killed along with Shehadeh, including nine children, one of them Shehadeh’s. Sharon capitalized on the violence in 2001, defeating the compromise-minded Barak in the election for Prime Minister. Ten minutes past the settlement city of Ma’ale Adumim, on the steep descent into the Rift Valley, Samson turned onto a dust-covered track, and suddenly the desert enveloped us. Last week, there were more fatalities in Rafah, after the Army fired on a demonstration; at least four children were killed. It sits atop the cave in which, tradition holds, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their wives are buried. Now, I’d have to say no. Two years ago, Saperstein was ambushed near Kissufim; Palestinian gunfire tore off two fingers of his remaining hand. Halfway down were olive trees that belong to the neighboring Arab villages of Ein-Abus and Burin. We have to protect the Arabs from the Jews, even though we’re here to do the opposite.”, General Ya’alon told me that the Army’s human-rights problem is not systemic. He sees it as a partial step, designed to avoid, rather than confront, the hardest issues facing Israel.

. She was, I came to see, suffering from something that could be called a Moriah complex. Who puts in the water and electricity?”, The story is always the same, Etkes said. There remains a moral gulf between the most zealous settlers and the most extreme of the Palestinian Islamists. They didn’t succeed!’ ” By “they” he meant the Germans. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We’re the owners of the land.”. As we drove, Saperstein pointed to the spot on the road where the attack had taken place. That’s not the point of life.”. In a speech delivered last December, Avi Dichter, the chief of the Shabak, warned that an Israeli withdrawal from Biblically important lands could heighten the desire of some Jewish extremists to destroy the Dome of the Rock. Bomb the hell out of them. The Sharon government has been playing a double game, Etkes said: the “illegal” settlement outposts, which Sharon has told President Bush he will dismantle, are actually built with the help of the government, and guarded by its Army. Hamdoun and her husband approached the checkpoint by taxi, but the soldiers refused to let them pass.

“It’s not Zionism that I’m talking about. “I don’t want to change reality, I want to work with reality. “Why should non-Jews have a say in the policy of a Jewish state?” Feiglin said to me. I accept what I see. “I know it’s not very diplomatic. So it’s strange. No one has ever succeeded in doing this without dehumanization.”. I entered the main prayer hall. In an earlier conversation, we had talked about Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac, at God’s command; only God’s intervention saved Isaac. My deepest sympathy to you. “They want to deliberately kill our children,” he said.

In January, I went to Gaza City to see Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a founder of Hamas. We drove through the front gate. But the majority has not yet found a way to bend the minority to its will. Almost five hundred Palestinian children under the age of eighteen have been killed by Israelis since 2000. “He fights the Jews.”, A month before I visited the Hamdoun family, a resident of Beit Furik had carried out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, killing four people. Call me an extremist. After the shock of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, in which Syria and Egypt launched an initially effective surprise attack, Ya’alon decided to return to the military.

The prophet left his sycamore trees and his sheep and carried God’s message to the northern kingdom—a place, the Bible says, of avarice and decadence and empty ritual. Soldiers were stopping vehicles with green Palestinian license plates, while cars with yellow Israeli license plates were allowed to drive through. “I ran up to them—I couldn’t believe it—I said, ‘What are you doing?’ ” Etkes recalled. It might begin a long-term historical process of reconciliation, but this doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a war.

to dream.” He went on, “Israelis will still dream of a greater Israel.”.

Gershom Scholem, the scholar of Jewish mysticism, once warned of the great eschatological temptation posed by a born-again Jewish nation. Like the theologians of Hamas, the ideologues of the settlement movement have stripped their religion of all love but self-love; they have placed themselves at the center of God’s drama on earth; and they interpret their holy scriptures to prove that their enemies are supernaturally evil and undeserving of even small mercies. “I’m the village idiot,” Froman said, happily.

“Give him a fucking treat, Ezra!” Gershon, the trainer, yelled. On the morning of February 26, 2002, Samar Hamdoun, a thirty-two-year-old resident of Beit Furik, went into labor. “I was kicked. I told him that I was waiting for a woman named Anat Cohen. . Ezra began to smack the dog. The road from the border to the settlement is under Israeli control—concrete pillboxes are planted intermittently along the way—but Palestinians regularly fire on the settlers’ cars.

Geese, Guzofsky said, will serve as early-warning indicators. And the reality is that there is a Jewish village and an Arab village. The Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, even while negotiating with Israel in the framework of the Oslo accords of the nineteen-nineties, never prepared his people for compromise. (He had been paralyzed as a young man in a gymnastics accident.) “My husband said, ‘My wife is in trouble, she’s having the baby now, we have to go, we must go.’ The soldier could see that I was pregnant.

On the side of the car was written, in Hebrew, “The Jewish Legion.” The car was not armored, and I asked him if it was wise to drive a car labelled “Jewish Legion” through Arab villages.

A few days before this meeting, a female bomber named Reem Salah al-Rayashi had blown herself up at the Erez checkpoint, in north Gaza, killing four Israelis. He was red-faced, and his black hair was covered with a blue knit skullcap. Orange-winged starlings flew above us. Polls have consistently shown that the majority of Israelis want the settlers to withdraw from Gaza in particular. Agents of the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, were waiting for them. I don’t want to suffer, they don’t want to suffer.”. Is that Jewish?” Rachel said. Some Israelis argue against a fence that tracks the Green Line for practical reasons: Israel might very well have to hold high ground, on the east side of the Line. ♦. “God won’t allow a Palestinian state to come into creation. As Rayashi was being led into a side room by soldiers, she detonated the bomb, killing Shapira and the other soldiers, and injuring four Palestinians.

“Can we let it be forgotten? A Palestinian farmer named Ibrahim Muhammad Zaban had told me that he no longer brought his children to help during the olive harvest. “Stop scapegoating the settlers!” he said. The remainder of the settlers, fifty thousand or so, came to the territories for reasons of faith. “I’m not hearing what you’re saying. But there are safer places to live than King David Street in Hebron. It was a clear, cold day, and we went for a walk into a steep ravine outside the gates of the settlement. Etkes told me of an incident that happened fifteen years ago, during the first Palestinian intifada, when he was a twenty-year-old paratrooper. We can take care of our own Jewish state.” Besides, he said, the dogs were very well trained. They were torturing them for fun.

For Ya’alon, the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank—or, in his view, the reoccupation, given that during the period of the Oslo peace process the Palestinians had a great deal of autonomy in their cities—has forced his Army to confront the moral dilemmas inherent in the suppression of a hostile civilian population.

Her parents and siblings were killed by the Germans. I can’t say I won’t do things because I don’t want him to suffer.”, Saperstein said, “If I believed that if all the settlers disappeared tomorrow then peace and happiness would reign forever, that we could live in peace as Jews in what’s left of our homeland, then I would seriously consider picking up and going somewhere else.”. Both operations symbolize the Sharon government’s impotence, and its inability to grapple with the great issues before it. It’s impossible to say that Hitler would do that.

Photograph from Magnum. .

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Benches that had been placed in rows in front of an Ark were mostly empty. Then he pedalled away, toward barricades at the end of the street.

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