Some glass enclosures come with closable inlets for tubing or wiring, making them easy to modify to suit your individual requirements. It truly is a great terrarium for Ball pythons, and many other snakes for that matter like California King Snakes.

There aren’t many nuances to owning a Ball Python, making them a great beginner pet snake.

They need quite specific conditions, which you need to work to maintain—humidity between 50 and 60%, temperature between 75 and 90°F. Ball Pythons, like all animals, go to the bathroom. Your email address will not be published. Ball Pythons also seem to like a standing humidity of around 50%.

check out the. How often can they eat? The temp are around 90-93 on the hot side and cool side is 79-81. Also, try to space out their feeding a little more than normal if your BP rejects food in the winter months. Is this due to stress? You need to make sure a Ball Python is a pet you’re ready to commit to for the long run.The reason for this is because Ball Python’s have an average lifespan of about 25-30 years, and some specimens can live up to ~35 years. 1. While the breed tends to be friendly, there are a few best practices to note when it comes to handling your Ball Python. When it comes to feeding your Ball Python frozen mice, UG Rodents is a great way to go.

There are a few best practices when it comes to water and proper Ball Python care. We’ll get to more on that later. On the other hand, glass does not insulate well, which means the temperature will remain fairly consistent with the ambient temperature of the room. The right terrarium is key to ensuring the proper Ball Python care. Ideally, use two thermometers simultaneously, to keep track of the temperature on each side. Well, here’s some great news: Ball Pythons make a great beginner snake for first time owners.

If you choose a glass enclosure with a metal screen top, you can simply place a ceramic heat lamp on it and heat your enclosure from the outside. A 3’’ deep, humidity-retaining substrate, such as aspen, cypress or coconut, A thermal gradient, achieved using a UTH or heat mat, or alternatives, A PPH (pulse proportional thermostat) to use in conjunction with the above, A hygrometer to monitor humidity (keep above 50%). Below are the steps you need to take to ensure that your Ball Python stays healthy and enjoys clean, fresh drinking water. Ideally, you can get the proper size Ball Python terrarium right from the get go. If it seems abrasive or skeptical, it might be best to leave them be and try again a different day. This will prevent humidity leakage. They appreciate and utilize hide spots on a regular basis, and will likely become distressed without one!

I will definitely share this article with my brother so that he can have a better idea of how to take care of a snake. Do Ball Pythons Bite?

but i have talked to people about it, an they said she was just exploring. Because the average length of a Ball Python differs between male and female, you’ll need to take that into account when getting your Ball Python enclosure set up. So it’s crucial to find a way of restoring the ambient humidity. But as long as you watch out for that, you shouldn’t have any problems. Change the water every few days, or twice a week. Ball Python enclosures come in many shapes and sizes, and this is the one we think is best. Also great for burrowing and humidity retention, cypress is a solid alternative to aspen. Often easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a great material for beginners. That’s a long time to care for a snake, so make sure you have a long term Ball Python care plan in place before getting one.While these snakes do live a long time, they are fairly easy to maintain. In this section we will outline how often to feed a Ball Python, how big of mice to feed a Ball Python, and what type of mice you should feed a Ball Python. It’s really a no-brainer. She has written and researched many different snakes species and even has her own website on snakes. Aim for 90°F (32°C) on one side, and around 75-78°F on the other. 5 Step Pacman Frog Care: Are they good pets? Some will likely be more friendly and social than others. To maintain the perfect temperature, there are a variety of gadgets you can use—thermostats, thermometers, heat lamps, head pads and heat tape. Ball Pythons are easy to maintain and take care of, which is why they are so popular. Happy Serpent is not a medical resource. Usually, you want each meal to be about 10% of the Ball Python’s total body weight. In case you’re new to Ball Pythons (or snakes in general!) #3 Repiterra Large Wooden Reptile Vivarium. ), Exo Terra All Glass [Large and Wide] Terrarium, Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium (36’’ x 18’’ x 18’’), Here is a good example of a suitable water bowl for ball pythons. Ball pythons are native to a stretch of land between the West African coast and central Africa. To make sure they stay friendly and approachable, it’s best to handle your Ball Python at least a few times a week. Plus, they are one of the smaller breeds of python.

Aspen is very popular. It measures 39’’ x 19’’ x 19’’, the ideal size for a fully grown ball python. Plus, it’s all natural, and is not treated with any chemicals. These can make suitable ball python habitats, and they are affordable and lightweight. This will hold its temperature much more effectively, as well as its humidity. I can describe it as she sticks her head all the way up to the screen and goes backwards until you can see her belly, falls back down and repeats that over and over again. The substrate is the floor lining. The proper Ball Python enclosure size is typically a 20 gallon tank.

So what do you think is the best material for your ball python enclosure? Ball pythons are timid, nocturnal and secretive. Water is an essential part of your Ball Python’s enclosure.

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