Though what really draws the fans to him is how well he balances those battle tendencies with his softer side.

2, For account issues: Prop Blueprints for sale! As well as being second in command, he is the best backup the Major could ask for. Togusa is one of the most human members of Section 9. The perfect combination needed to properly cosplay the chief. A man who loves animals, has a great sense of humor, and a wonderful heart overall. He's all about brute force and strength.
Additionally, the layout and UI will not be complete until all sections have been re-enabled, so please ignore any layout issues (or bland-ness) at this time. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Ghost_in_the_Shell community, Continue browsing in r/Ghost_in_the_Shell. NEXT: Ghost In The Shell: 10 Differences Between The Anime And The Manga. Staring down the barrel of a sniper rifle, this one-eyed bandit is almost guaranteed to make the shot. Some of the other cosplayers on this list coming together to do a splendid photoshoot in their cosplays and bringing a new face into the mix to cosplay Motoko for them. Cosplay Island is a news, portfolio and resource site for UK cosplayers. If Motoko is the most badass member of Section 9, then Batou is right behind her in terms of sheer badassitude.

In the final episode of 2nd GIG, Batou confronts a group of Rangers from Public Security Section 4, all of whom have artificial eyes identical to his own. cant wait to cosplay the armoured version :D The Jacket was a bargain 50p at a boot sale all the modification I had to do was to paint down seam lines brown The gun was a cheap bb gun painted in black citadel paint I had planned the eyes a long time ago, they are eye baths ground down using a Dremel, and shaped sunshade lenses also ground using a Dremel: Ikkaku-kun posted on 24 July, 2010 - … While it is exciting to see everyone in their combat gear, it is still a treat to see them in more casual clothing.

Everything from the hair to the outfit is impeccable in his version of the character. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tachikomas are the ever-energetic robotic companions of Section 9. The father and daughter cosplay team doing justice to the iconic duo with just the right backdrop to complement them. A simple procedure when considering Batou and Motoko's fully cyber bodies and the other implants of the members of Section 9.

TugaChan ( 3rd September 2020) Sporting one of her signature outfits in what seems to be a moment before she rides off to continue her work in protecting the public. I've thought of doing Batou as a Halloween or convention costume before, and I was googling Batou cosplay to look for ideas on how to do the eyes when I came across this. Regardless of this, the Major considers him her best friend and confidant. From left to right, they are Yatu as Saito, Chiya as Motoko, MASA MASA as Daisuke Aramaki, 奇行師 as Batou, and むさし as Togusa to round out the group. Extra effort put into the plates she wears around her shoulders and the glasses to get the look just right. Their bodies and feet barely visible underneath their costumes, you'd be forgiven for thinking they jumped right out of the anime. All of them getting together in something that may look like promotion material for the series.

The proper trigger discipline even if it is just a prop gun. Eduardo Luquin has been a geek for most of his life and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. I'll be in the minority and say it looks kitschy cheap and that I don't like it. What's up with that hair?

The cosplayer, むさし, displays Togusa in all of his natural glory.

Press J to jump to the feed. Remove. Walking tanks with a childlike AI and a voice to match, they are oddly cute despite their intimidating frames. Everything you see is currently in read-only mode. Shirow's characterization of Batou in the manga, and indeed the other members of Section 9, is notably more light-hearted than the characterization used in Mamoru Oshii 's films of the same name.
Join for free today, create your cosplay profile and share your photos with other cosplayers, or browse thousands of costumes by our members. It's an Arise promo. Type. She is a full cyborg tasked with protecting the public from terrorism and hacking. Imagine seeing someone on a battlefield in heels you would think you have the upper hand and get cocky (reminding me of the thinking that Saito went through in the episode Poker Face when he went up against the Major). Ghost in the Shell is one of the best franchises in sci-fi anime around. I think they might be made from a dyed fabric like stocking material, so maybe it allows him to see a bit.

Beyond showcasing all of her abilities in the series, Motoko Kusanagi is often used as a fashion model throughout the series. You know what I really love about this cosplay? Motoko "the Major" Kusanagi is the main character and squad leader of Public Security Section 9 in the movies and the shows. Here Ladee Danger gets her model on by wearing one of the Major's most iconic outfits. Just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure they're going for this. Which is exactly why GothX looks right at home in the picture. She just ignores it, except for a few key points in the series. If you have any information on who made these masterpieces, please let us know. 0, Help with Tights + Armsocks Shedding off several layers of combat gear and getting rid of his sniper rifle for once, he seems to enjoy a game of poker with a good smoke in something more casual. Price. Ghost in the Shell is often cosplayed - but it's hard to find versions better than these. 奇行師 takes their place exactly where Batou is seen most often, right behind Motoko Kusanagi. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Here are some of the 10 best renditions of our favorite members from Section 9. It's definitely the best I've seen. Cookies help us deliver our Services. MASA MASA commands respect with his Daisuke Aramaki cosplay.

Archived Thread. Age is hardly a factor when it comes to being a calm, collected, and utterly hard-boiled, and Daisuke Aramaki is a prime example of that. RELATED: Ghost In The Shell: 10 Differences Between The Movie And The Manga. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. They're apparently from an event in Tokyo in 2015 to promote Arise. I prefer Motoko in the later parts of SAC when they know they have the audience captivated with the sex appeal in early episodes and end up just having her in tactical or normal casual clothes (never forget the sudden jeans in the last episode of the first season) - but it all stands to reason that she is a cyborg and therefore her balance is not impeded by heels - it's all control software - and as far as impractical clothes it is not really her body so she can just do what looks good or even confuses people. The simple (if a bit skimpy) leotard from Stand Alone Complex nicely complimented by the biker's jacket she has over it. His eyes, though prosthetic, often bulge comically when he is … Not only do they work well together, but they trust and respect each other completely in their capacity to get the job done and watch each other's backs on the field. Check out all the details in this news article and feel free to leave us any feedback (or if you spot any bugs) in this chatter. I'm not the world's biggest fan of Arise, but I really dig the green look for Batou's eyes; it's more distinctive than the usual flat grey look. So much so that a select few like to bring them to life with awesome cosplay. Most cosplayers have a much more conventional dull blue dye; the electric blue make it look much more anime-ish. RELATED: 10 Great Anime Movies (That Aren’t Studio Ghibli). The outfit just as stylish in real life as it was in the show. Almost every member of Section 9 has a specialty that landed them a spot on the team. Needless to say, Ghost in the Shell has found its way into the hearts of many fans throughout the world. All things cyberpunk, future tech, or philosophical, relatable to Ghost in the Shell are welcome. Even better, they look great together. : 10 Times Kaiba Was Way Too Cruel, My Hero Academia: 5 Ways The Second Movie Is Better Than The First (& 5 Ways It's Worse), 10 Romance Series That Actually Feature Realistic Relationships, 10 Romance Light Novels That Will Make You Swoon. To put it simply, Major Kusanagi and Batou make the best partners in all of Section 9. I'm not the world's biggest fan of Arise, but I really dig the green look for Batou's eyes; it's more distinctive than the usual flat grey look. Boy, if there is one thing we love about anime it is how they have a plethora of cool old men to look up too. 「攻殻機動隊」(kokaku kidotai) Ghost in the Shell - Community hub. and commission.

8 Saito By GothX

Just like the MCU, everything up to this point was an attempt at a crossover. 3, Prop Blueprints for sale! TugaChan ( 12th July 2020) Gamer, writer, reader, and your friendly neighborhood CBR writer.

Thanks, but all I did was stumble across them! Custom & Handmade. The cosplayer making sure to include Saito's prosthetic eye and the scar behind it. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. That is not to say he has the most human emotions or anything of the like. Likes big guns. His eyes, though prosthetic, often bulge comically when he is alarmed. After Major Kusanagi is targeted by an assassin and ends up in the hospital, Batou becomes … I'm surprised I hadn't seen them earlier. He is literally the one with the least amount of cybernetic implants among the team, besides Daisuke Aramaki, who only has a cyberbrain. Batou Plush. Most of all, she is by far the most skilled member of the team with a wide range of abilities that include military tactics, physical prowess, and hacking. US$95.06.

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