Making coaching a career 43:30 As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel f…, On this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Dr. Sarah Haag to talk about exercise and urinary incontinence. He is a keen BJJ practitioner and physiotherapist.By Hugh Keir, Alice tells her story of migraines so debilitating that they had taken any normal lifestyle away from her. By Ben Green. Do you have the Curse of Knowledge? The therapist suspects the female triad is contributing to the problem. Along the journey you’ll also get the chance to hear from a range of coaches, athletes and running experts their backgrounds and how they go about getting the most out of their running.
NPTE Clinical Files gives the Physical Therapist a weekly opp ... #GERIonICE - Physical Therapy | Fitness | Geriatrics, #GERIonICE helps rehab & fitness pros get results with older adults. A podcast where your hosts Reece and Alessia talk about pop culture, various observations, weekly happenings and general life. As low back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal types of pain, and sex is part of life but often becomes difficult when you have #backpain,…, Rob and Dave discuss one of the questions they are asked the most ‘I’ve got back pain should I use ice or heat? He …, Eric Hechtman, the coach of Venus Williams is this week's podcast guest Eric is the full-time coach of Venus and travels with her to tournaments around the world!

Which of the following describes the patient’s highest functionality level? What, who and when do they apply?

On this show they chat r ... We all know that there are some athletes and people that we just need to know a lot more about to be able to manage them to the best of our abilities.

I can’t send them to people since my phone is weird. Julie educates and mentors physical therapists and health professionals to eliminate the awkwardness that comes with helping teens — to instead c…, In this episode I caught up with someone who always leaves me feeling sparkly and motivated – Vic.

On this episode of the Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Helene Darmanin, PT, DPT, CSCS to the program to talk about physical therapy during and after pregnancy. Zacca dabbles in his favourite, the progression run around the tan, along with enjoying getting out with Frankie for his 12 / 8 / 4min efforts session.

STCfit head coaches Ben and Jason cover nutrition and training strategies for fat loss, physique development and strength performance. He got into the world of Physiotherapy, bought residential and commercial real estate and has survived some pretty epic travel adventures.

After working for the City of Greater Geelong Youth Development Unit and partnering with many local schools, Raigan is a fully qualified personal trainer and launched Hello Hurricane with a pas…, James is hosting this week alongside co-hosts Laurence & Will. But how do you choose the right one, so you are more organized and efficient in your assessments?

in this episode she talks about her decision to do a residency, her concerns, what she learnt and has given some great insight into what a residency would look like.

Inspiring interviews with leading Physiotherapists, discussing real life assessment and treatment, clinical issues and ways to give you an edge in your Physiotherapy clinical practice. Dr. Sara Smith specializes in assisting female leaders, healers & creatives re-activate their Core Confidence. Each episode will help provide Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals with simple and easy to implement strategies to help you help more people and take your practice to the next level. Session 1 Can my messy and loud relationship qualify as secure functioning?

I’ll be having athletes, clinicians, coaches and trainers, share their stories in dealing with injuries. 3 common problems every PT has 7:25 2. This podcast is about sharing that running journey, its here to help inspire and motivate others to join and take part in the best sport in the world! The podcast, recorded at the ground, features appearances from players, management and support staff, as well as plenty of special guest appearances.

Dr. Helene Darmanin is an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist with over a decade of experience facilitating healthy, empowering movement for her clients as a PT, an…, Staff Sergeant Jamie Ferguson served as a combat medic with the British Army, deploying to multiple operational theatres including Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2020, along with his colleague Lizzie Stileman, he was awarded an MBE for his support to the national resp…, Zacca and Matt discuss a couple sessions they each hit through the week. Learn how a physical therapist can help you at The Wesley Wang DPT podcast is all things ACL and sports rehab. Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. Hundreds of highly rated coaches in FM 2020 to get you 4, 4.5 & 5 stars in all training areas. Join Dr. Dom and Dr. Jen as they interview Katie St. Clair – certified CSCS and CPT trainer – about her journey of finding her voice in her career. Welcome to "Paris s’veille" - a programme dedicated to all things French and brought to you by Alliance Francaise Christchurch. SLP Happy Hour is a podcast for caring SLPs who want more calm and less chaos in their workday. Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free, Player FM for iPhone — Download podcasts free, Physical Activity’s Role in Pain Avoidance and Chronic Pain Management, 513: Dr. Sara Smith: How to Cultivate Core Confidence, How To Master Functional Movememt Assessment, 47 | Creation of Barefoot Shoes, Vivobarefoot, by Co-founder Galahad Clark, A Member From My Community 10x’ed His Monthly Revenue… Here's How You Do It Too : Marketing Through Covid | Episode 396, Ep 66- Earth Medicine for Improved Health and Happiness | Dr. Maya Shetreat, Episode 327 - Chris Showalter, part 2: More on Maitland, 360 Degrees of Awareness with the Alexander Technique, “This Was The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent On My Business… No Questions Asked!” : Marketing Through Covid | Episode 395, 46 | Groin Pain and Inner Thigh Strain Explained, TU133: Holding Your Own Session 2, Grandiose Narcissism has Met it’s Match (2nd in a series), Now Is The Best Time To Beat The Big Hospital Systems: Paul On Fire | Episode 394, How the Alexander Technique has influenced Centered Riding, Ep.

So grab that green theraband & that pink 2# dumbbell & join Dustin Jones for some practical takeaways that you can use with your patients!

Dave Kittle, DPT of discuss Physical Therapy and Technology in this podcast. Dazu betreuen Wir viele ... Join TJ as he explores the wonderful world of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine by interviewing some of the industries elite with the aim of educating the new wave of treating therapists! And yet, for most of us, we absolutely love it. The Physiotutors podcast is your opportunity to hear from some of the best physio's, researchers, lecturers and medical professionals for all things physiotherapy related.

Listen as Susan and Erica do a deep dive into this patient's…, On this week's episode of Pain Reframed, Tim Flynn and Jeff Moore talk with Andrew Pugh, MD and Keith Roper, DPT to discuss their new research paper "Dedicated emergency department physical therapy is associated with reduced imaging, opioid administration, and length of stay: A prospective observational study" and how this research affects their pr…, Last December, a member from our community came on and asked if it’s right for her to save money. Big w…, Dr. Erik Davis is an American writer, scholar, journalist and public speaker whose writings have ranged from rock criticism to cultural analysis to creative explorations of mysticism.

At Healthy Wealthy & Smart our goal is simple: to provide you with the best information so you can live a healthy and pain free life! with Alexis Cherven, EP31: Better with Running Podcast: Training Talk (400m Reps) with Run2PB Coaches Andy Buchanan & Brady Threlfall + Feature lnterview with Myles Gough (Founder of, Backyard Ultra World Champs - What Went Down In Singapore, Fabio Campanella & Joseph LoPresti - Tax Law For Real Estate Investors & "Flippers" In Canada. Stay in touch through @STCfit_Learning on Facebook and Instagram.

If you're a physical therapy clinic owner looking for tips, tools and strategies for growing your business, this is the podcast for you.

Mike explains how anyone can train for and take part in endurance events if they understand how to be consistent and what their starting point is. Latest was Training Movements or Muscles?. Listen to this!

Robert’s website: AlexanderTechniqueNebraska Eileen is an Alexander Technique teacher in the San Diego, California area.

Unsure what to do, he asks Me how I’…, “We know that all of the brain function problems, such as depression or anxiety, are imbalances of too much inflammation in the brain, and the primary topic that needs to be addressed is your gut.” - Dr. Tom O’Bryan Dr. Tom O'Bryan is a recognized world expert on gluten, autoimmunity and brain health, and his products have hugely impacted my family…, In Episode 157: Iliotibial Band Syndrome (Runner's Knee) I review the following: -Anatomy related to IT Band Syndrome.
There are six criteria used b…, This week's guest is Chad Wesley Smith from Juggernat Training Systems! This is the Prime Inc. monthly safety podcast. Health is too hard when you try to go it alone. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, NPR, Goop, The Dr. Oz Show and more. So, when it comes to vet nurses, who are we? Your physios help to reduce the likelihood of player injuries occurring, reduce the amount of time injuries last for and reduce the amount of time players’ take to rehabilitate after injuries.

Greybrook is deeply involved with some of the top developers in Toronto and has great insights into the mindset of the development community.

It's such a fantastic, authentic chat.

Vic has a rare combination of clinical skills teamed with an intimate understanding of …, Paul served 26 years with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and is now an expert in disaster response operations and disaster risk reduction, working as the Operations Response Manager at Re:act Disaster Response ( Look no further: Jaxson is a 30-year-old patient who is being prescribed a K3 prosthetic.

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