This site appears to have either been shut down or no longer is of interest to folks but I had to try this at least once. If it was, Cadaco wouldn’t have gone under. How much will they cost for each? I would hope you would post more PITCHERS. -- William Hazlitt, Cadaco Game. Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Career Players:

And Cubs 2016, of course. Thanks for the website and discs – haven’t downloaded yet, but thinking about it. Posted: May 10th, 2012 – Scan from the 1980’s version. THANKS FOR YOUR GIVING THIS OLD (77) GEEZER SOMETHING Has anyone ever thought to develop discs that would encompass all the players with similar career statistics. Instead of small and gradual roster changes each year now you can choose from any players that ever played the game. Then my parents got me the 1989 version, and I have to say I spent most of my high school years either playing ball, or playing that game!

Website on face book is excellent. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a huge help! Coming Soon, Contributions from other disc makers: I just took out my game after 15 years and I missing some players. Love it and love this site.

I WAS holding back there! Andre Dawson, Jody Davis, Ed Delahanty … I am a bit under water these days with newborn twins, but will get Sally, Hoz, Moose, LoCain and Gordo on here when I have time.

Cutting board, a cork-back ruler and an x-acto knife. There is one on the site for free download. Cookie Rojas: ss , 3). I tried PDF but they come out too small. Norm Cash It is not REQUIRED, but if you feel the need: If you don’t see what you want in the list, simply leave a comment below and let me know who you want! My discs are “home made” and many look it, but I am able to create any number of players…focusing on career discs of players I remembered having as a kid.

Thanks Joel! In specific, I would like to find a Dwight Evans and Tom Glavine disc, regardless of game version. If you followed all that and have ideas as to which discs would be appropriate for different batter ratings, or could impart how to create discs for batter ratings that were not individual but rather consistent with other players of the same statistical records, shout it out now. Can you advise how I can obtain the disks? Ted Williams is my all-time favorite spin player. TO ENJOY DOING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE; AVID BASEBALL curt young Thank you. Thanks! My wife bought me the 1968 edition for Christmas this year which has a poor sampling of players. I have all the disc from 1968-1975 except Catfish Hunter & Harmon Killebrew which were stolen by a so-called friend. Hello all! (actually I use two spinners, one for the pitching/defense disc.)

for anyone interested. Thank you very much. .

How about a disc for Eddie Gaedel, Bill Veeck’s midget? I just bought a 1968 game on ebay. I have played the regular game many times.

But thanks! Do you have a Tony Oliva, or George Sisler disc? Hey, JK, interesting story, thanks. HI JOE I WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME DISCS FROM YOU.THE COLOR DISCS WITH LOGOS ON THEM.I HAVE A LIST OF 20 PLAYERS I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HAVE.

Hi Nick, my email address is i love that your player quality calculator adds in free passes into on-base and total base numbers.

It gives the disc a nice shine and while thinner than the original discs, these discs are not prone to tear/rip. Here is a list of players we”d like to play with: Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Zach Wheat, Al Simmons, Tris Speaker,Nomar Garciaparra, Ozzie Smith. I’ve been playing since 1960. There are players we’d like to be playing as they are our favorites and I can’t seem to find. This is a set consisting of Rocky Colavito (vs right & left handed pitchers), Roberto Alomar (switch hitter discs), Carlos Beltran (switch hitter discs), Lance Berkman (switch hitter discs), several seasons of Ernie Banks (vs right & left handed pitchers), and several seasons of Mookie Wilson (vs right & left handed pitchers), AE – FJ Strategy disc: Dan T. I am doing the same thing! but, what a find. I use a different process for disc creation than most other people do.

Craig Biggio, Yogi Berra, Max Bishop My email is Thanks, great website, by the way; thanks for providing many player discs on your site!

Macbook pro. Would want same design as late 50’s, early 60’s CADACO disks. I bought a 1980 copy of the game when my original got lost in a move. There seem to be some broken links on the page … I got errors when trying to download “all players” and the fRobinson – jRobinson set. Looking for disks of players from 1940’s – 1960’s.

Rod Carew, Roy Campanella, Gary Carter Miguel Cabrerra Backside of the disc after two cuts have been made. It would help to compete my memories of that time. There is indeed life out here for Cadaco ASB and it’s fans. Other cool stuff for Cadaco All-Star Baseball: Pingback: New players added to the “Free Player Discs” pageCadaco All-Star Baseball: Unofficial | Cadaco All-Star Baseball: Unofficial, Outstanding job on discs. THROUGH THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY “BASEBALL-REFERENCE.COM, BUT DID IT THE HARD WAY; CAN YOU TELL ME

My teams MUST have no Hall of Famers because I prefer games with under 10 runs or say, 4 home runs or so instead of the astronomical scores you achieve with Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Hack Wilson in the outfield. Great! Would love it if someone could give me some direction. I probably have what you want and would be willing to give you a few free discs like less than a hundred.

Do your discs pertain to any particular years or they reprenentative of their lifetime statistics?

I would like to have a disc for Ted Klewzuski, The Big Klu…pardon the spelling. Please let me know if these players are available and how much they’ll cost. Maybe 2 leagues with 8 teams each. Ron Cey, Orlando Cepeda, Will Clark Killebrew, Keller, Kell, Lajoie, Kruk

I appreciate all this input. My son and I have been playing ASB all the time recently. Charlie Gehringer, Lou Gehrig, Juan Gonzalez any chance he will be in a group of future players? Each team has nine players – no pitchers. These could all just be quick paper-type calculations before each at bat and the accompanying spin. I’d like to see discs for Frank Thomas 1B; Tris Speaker CF; George Davis SS; Willie Stargell LF; Riggs Stephenson SS; and Ron Santo 3B. I’ve been playing the game since 1959 when I was given the game for Christmas. Contact me through Facebook or Joe. Thanks for the comment, and LETS GO ROYALS!

LIGHTLY drag the blade over the cut scoring the paper and repeat applying a bit more pressure until you are through. Are there any free pitchers disks.

I tried using various programs suggested on the internet: but I keep having problems aligning the numbers 1 through 14 around the circumference of the disc. is that the WSJ article containing a quote by curt young?

thanks…. Also just like batters have accumulated statistical benchmarks that they can be grouped by, pitchers have also accumulated their own stats. The league I would like to do is The All American Girls Professional Baseball League from the 1940's and 50's.

Scores are too high when you have Dimaggio, Ruth and Cobb patrolling the outfield. I wasted many hundreds of hours every year making players and playing All Star Baseball with my friends. They would love to see popular players for 2016-2017. Frankie Frisch, Jimmie Foxx, Steve Garvey There are also people on E-bay that will print discs for you, but it is fairly pricey. I can provide excel worksheet with stats of players I would like to obtain. Tris Speaker Joe Mauer Jim Thome Phil Caveretta

Thanks did you ever get any of these players? My husband had this game as a child. The top 4 teams make the playoffs. Thanks for the disks, the base on balls seem quite big on most cards. I did include my own team with custom discs/stats with players from my softball team. Bob Upshaw ( Thanks for your efforts. The finest place on the WWW devoted to the greatest tabletop game of all time *:* *Cadaco All Star Baseball!

… is how we do it. Joe Ewing, Darrell Evans, Faris Fain Being nice. However, I would be interested in learning more about your pitching stats adaptation.

My email is, Your email address will not be published. my 1958 set had each of those numbers [in degrees of arc] penciled in on each batter disc. Ken Boyer, Lou Boudreau, Roger Bresnahan Frank. Babe Ruth Frank Thomas Zach Wheat Bo Jackson I have the game and many player discs. Wich list for me being from Detroit and a HUGE Baseball Fan: THANKS for commenting! How do I figure out the #3 space for reach by error?

Can I get some help?

Yeah, we're aware of.

I also made my teams so that the players would be on the team that they really played for – as much as possible. I can get the proper sizes of the numbers based upon a players stats, but the alignment has stumped me. Jeff Bagwell, Earl Averill, Sal Bando

Dom DiMaggio, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio Mike Do you have NY Yankee discs (old time players). Great website and love your selection.

I made 10 teams with all the discs I have. Please let me know if you find one.

What I would like to do is get a program that I can drop stats into and the areas will be the right size. Thousands of baseball players from over the entire history of baseball make it impossible to have all the individual discs.

Problem is, I just discovered the replacement game did not come with the A-E and the F-J discs. Mickey Lolich. Is that true?

Has been in the attic for 3 decades.

A nice thick coat will give the discs a lifetime of bright ink!

I’m not about to pay $130 & up for this thing, all I need is a decent spinner!! I am working on building a made-to-order disc website. A place for all of us who enjoy collecting, researching, and playing antique and vintage tabletop baseball games. Another category that could be just used to alter a batter’s rating would be the left vs. right consideration. Posted on September 25, 2012 by Joe. What fun. 360/561 = .6417 Each PA equals .6417 of his season record. I played Cadaco as a kid and made my own disks for my Tigers but the stat areas were not correct. I would be interested in acquireing any pitcher disk you have. How can I order some disc’s from you? We live in Kansas City and would love Royals players too. Trying to acumulate a team of high walkers. I was wondering if you would have any pitchers discs available? Does anybody have this game that could share the rules? . (No hole in the middle of the disc making them non-compatible with the 1950’s version game boards), Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Single Season Players: I am the one who invented pitchers’ discs for Ethan Allen’s All-Star Baseball game. Innings pitched, ERA, strikeouts, hits allowed and HR’s allowed would be good ways to examine which pitchers would be rated into particular categories. Is there a place I can get pitchers My daughter(who is 7) and I just conducted a draft, played two games (which she won), and then talked about playing a double header tomorrow. Very interesting. Since I am creating from scratch I have tested a few discs using a probability model I found on line for reasonable accuracy.

Player discs are awesome. I am now halfway through my 3rd tournament. I’m in my 54 season 12 teams 100 games.

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