• But her presence can be felt through the cake. The camping season generally starts in May and goes till the end of October in most province. 2020 CITY Coaching Centre, Simplifying IELTS preparation and English Language Learning, All Day working from 9 AM to 6 PM (Sunday Off), on IELTS Cue Card 61: Describe a time when you traveled by public transportation, IELTS Cue Card 60: Describe the happiest day you had, IELTS Cue Card 62: A performance you recently watched. 1. Abdul Kalam. • I have a kitchen garden in the back of my house and a small lawn in the front.• I talk to my plants, share my joys and sorrows with them, I get a feeling that they are listening to me. I also intend to visit it once I have time again. nice, peaceful trip on a half empty train. Talk about a beautiful city What is it Why would you like to visit When would you like to visit The place which I think is very beautiful and would like to visit is (…say a place name you know is naturally beautiful…). It is not crowded by the lifeless glass buildings in its downtown – instead its downtown is lively with mix of historic and modern buildings, all constructed with a fine attention to detail. Then I • The happy event I am going to talk about here is the wedding of my cousin.• I attended this wedding on 15th January.

Ticket was • I have learnt many new words through it. I was still wondering why my seat was not reserved. the end, I just sat and relaxed with a cup of coffee, watching and listening to We went there to pay our obeisance in Shri Harmandir Sahib, commonly known as Golden Temple. • The sikhs all over the world daily wish to pay obeisence at Shri Harimandir Sahib.• Although the 4TH guru of Sikhs guru ram dal had the idea of this temple , but it was made by the 5TH guru Guru                Arjan Dev ji . Here I am going to I remember the cool breeze on a July afternoon was nothing short of heavenly bliss for the passengers. 5.

I would highly recommend everyone to visit this wonderful city on the west coast of Canada. • I check my e-mail regularly on yahoo.com. I would have preferred quieter trip but the pilgrims 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I In the ocean, one can easily spot surfers on any bright summer days. • Dr. Kalam says why he wrote his autobiography.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. • The tablecloth which is spread on the table was embroidered by my grandma. Yes, It will cover all the topics for sep to dec 2020 cue cards. She only clicked the photo. • My cousin’s name is Deepa. • Then the priest set up a small fire and the remaining ceremony took place around the fire. • Yahoo answers is a forum on this site where you can ask any question and you will get replies from all over the world. Victoria was named after Queen Victoria of England and the British first started settling here in 1873. If you buy the advance package of rs 499 in which you will get solved cue card, Actual question set of part 1 and 3 with 30 mins free live speaking session with the trainer in which you will get the details feedback with band score (its like actual speaking test and its cost Rs 199). We went out of the bus and took a cab to reach GoldenTemple. • On the day of the wedding, the marriage palace was decorated like a bride. I have been to many cities in India and abroad and have great appreciation for the architectural and natural beauty in this world. The photos of the two landmark building in Victoria: In conclusion, I think City of Victoria is the most beautiful city I have visited so far in my life. In this Ielts cue card, talk about a beautiful city, include the following: Describe a Famous Person You Are Interested In, Describe a Film/Movie You Would Like to Share With Your Friends, Describe a Happy Event in Life – Ielts Cue Card, Describe a Goal You Achieved Which Was Set by Yourself – IELTS Cue Card, Describe Someone or Something That Makes a Lot of Noise – IELTS Cue Card. A visit you made using the public transport cue card Sample 1:-Well, every day I go to college in public transport. No Comments on IELTS Cue Card 61: Describe a time when you traveled by public transportation Well, I regularly use public transportation for travelling. • It is educational, family friendly, safe for kids and adults and above all it is very easy to navigate. Recent IELTS Essays from real IELTS Exams, Marking Criteria for IELTS Writing Task 2, Marking Criteria for IELTS Writing Task 1, IELTS Cue Card 87: Describe a new skill you want to learn, IELTS Cue Card 86: Describe a time when you were excited (OR Describe the happiest day you had), City Coaching Centre, Basement, Zia Plaza, Behind Bus Stand, Near Axis bank, Maler Kotla, Punjab. Posted on February 29, 2016 10:45 am by Mind Maker Leave your thoughts. City of Victoria is also the capital of the province of British Columbia and has two historic landmarks: The Parliament Building and the Empress Hotel. • Maybe one day my children will value them. showing no reserved seat which means that I would get seat only if there is any Abdul Kalam.

She had a gifted hand in needle and thread work. • People of all castes ,creed ,religion and sex are welcome here .• However, everyone must cover their head as a mark of respect, remove their shoes and wash feet in the small pool of water .• People from all nooks and corners of the world flock to see the golden temple . Describe a place you visited & found it polluted. the excited pilgrims. Abdul Kalam OR• A person I admire the most is Dr.A.P.J. My aunt baked and iced the cake at home. • My favourite magazine is “The Readers Digest”.• It is a monthly.• It is an international magazine.• The editor of the magazine is Mohan Sivanand.• I like this magazine because it is not a magazine to be read and throw away.• It is a collectible.• I have collected many past issues of the magazine in my personal library.• There are many regular features of the magazine.• The feature I like the most is ‘word power’.• It gives me 20 new words of English every month with their meaning and antonyms.• It helps me to improve my vocabulary.• The other regular features are “laughter is the best medicine ”, ‘life is like that’ and ‘humour in uniform”• All these articles contain jokes and humours which are as fresh as fresh fruits and vegetables.• There are also many quotable quotes in this magazine.• Another article I like is “The reader’s choice”• It runs for 15-20 pages.• It contains a true story or an abridged form of a novel.• All these articles are very inspiring.• Reading this magazine relaxes me.• This magazine is entertaining and educative.• Everybody in my house reads it.• This magazine has something for everybody. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. • He was sworn in as the president of India on 25th July 2002. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

• Whenever I get free time, I do some gardening also.

Ferry ride is itself an adventure as one gets the opportunities of whale watching while travelling. • The doli took place early morning.

Place with lots of water Anjana Beach ( a visit to a sea shore ), • India is a diverse country.• There are many places with lots of water.• When it comes to beach holidays in India the choice is endless.• After all India has a coastline of more than 7000 Km.• The beach I am going to talk about here is Anjuna beach at Goa.• I went there with my parents in the month of December.• It was my school winter vacation and my parents had planned this holiday for us.• We went by train to Goa and stayed in a hotel at Panaji• I vividly remember the name of the hotel• It was hotel Delmon• It was a ten day holiday including the travel period• My father had meticulously planned the holiday within his budget• Every morning there was a bus from the hotel which left at sharp 9 a m • It took us to various beaches and churches of Goa• The beaches I remember are Anjana, Donna Paula and Calangute• I liked Anjana beach the most• I remember the foreign tourists sun bathing under the swaying palm leaves• We too enjoyed the waves touching our feet• I collected some shells and even caught a small starfish.• The day we went there was a flea-market where we saw cute looking Kashmiri and Tibetan women selling all kinds of junk jewellery and clothes• I too bought a T-shirt from there• After this we went to the Calangute beach• There was too much rush on the beach• I remember my father took us quite far into the water• I was very afraid but my father held my hand• My mother was quite happy clicking photographs from the shore• I can never forget this holiday• I shall definitely like to go there again, 8. It is a place that gives the impression of natural beauty, … Cue Card: Talk about a beautiful city … Well, I could not An event which made you happy Recent happy event. • I like this channel mainly because I am an animal lover.• Every time I switch on the TV and watch this channel, I get a new word of English.• In this way it improves my vocabulary also. • It look 16 years (from 1588-1604)to complete this temple.

• I really treasure this photograph as this brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood.• Now I have a digital camera in which I capture precious moments.

In the whole city, there seems to be an architectural harmony, a sense of community which I had not felt in other cities. • Only the four of us were there in the picture. • Mr Arun Tiwari helped Dr Kalam in writing the book. There is nothing that I don’t like• Another book he wrote is “The Ignited Mind”. But the real fun begins once I entered the city. copyright@Canadian IELTS Training Institute, Talk About a Beautiful City – Ielts Cue Card. I had made the same journey several times before, but last year journey by tried to print my prepaid ticket at one of the ticket machines. • I would like to meet many famous people but here I am going to talk about Dr. A.P.J. MY toDAY’s ESSAY topic was this in BRITISH IELTS TEST ACADEMIC MODULE. • There are 4 entrances to the temple which signifies openness and acceptance. I could sit back even read the newspaper without being interrupted by laughter and chanting.

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