Further, since no information is forthcoming, Col. Pete More (Glenn Ford) has to investigate himself. But just as the jet fighters get close , the planes suddenly disappear from the radar – followed shortly by the three unidentified objects. After confirming it the Marine Corps sends two Phantom jets to intercept these unidentified flying objects only to have them mysteriously disappear. The narrator says that there have been a huge number of UFO sightings and if only 1/2 of 1% are true, then them's A LOT of aliens out there. User Ratings Now The Disappearance of Flight 412 isn’t a true story. Occasionally tense, but ultimately disappointing tale of a routine test mission that witnesses the disappearance of two fighter jets who are scrambled to intercept a suspected UFO. The Disappearance Of Flight 412 by Gerald L. Adler. I wish the movie disappeared with the flight. Publication date 1974 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics aliens, conspiracy, coverup, made for tv, Glenn Ford, Jud Taylor Language English. ... A Star Wars Story. Jud Taylor directed this TV movie that stars Glenn Ford as Colonel Pete Moore, in charge of the Whitney Radar Test Group that has sent a four-man crew on flight 412 to investigate electrical difficulties, but instead encounters what may either be a blip, or a UFO, but after they are interrogated by a mysterious military intelligence team(led by Guy Stockwell) that does not want to hear about "science fiction", the men find themselves uncomfortably at odds with their own government. Colonel Moore (Glenn Ford) is less in the loop and more in the dark about Flight 412.

It's just that there's no resolution to anything. Honestly, I saw no point to this movie at all. ", Slightly Entertaining But Not That Informative or Factual, Brought the whole concept of an official cover up out in the open, X-Files without the drama, special effects, and interesting characters. While under his command a special flight takes off to study strange electrical interference over his base. Hardly anything revelatory. It's interesting that the film shows how government goons browbeat and intimidate witnesses into falsifying their accounts of what they experienced. ", Interesting, but void of facts, I recommend another film that's real. Was this review helpful? "The Disappearance of Flight 412" was obviously put out to try to cash in on the UFO craze of the 1970's. Now in the 21st century we take it for Granted.

These guys would stand up to a little interrogation much better than these guys do. Departure is not based on a true story, but it is loosely inspired by one of the most awful aviation accidents in recent history.

It shows how our government is covering up the UFO phenomenon. Such is the film " The Disappearance of Flight 412. " Many suspect the government knows more than they say. The Disappearance of Flight 412 is a watchable film, lacking a bit of pizzazz and exploration. Those who grew up during this time were taught to read and concentrate and to think for yourselves. It actually starts with an article published in Weekly World News three decades later: Reasonably good film defies its low budget and brief running time to tell a well-acted and tense narrative that doesn't provide easy answers, but instead unfolds in a matter-of-fact way, which is most effective. A radar plane (the titular Flight 412) on a routine training mission out of Whitney AFB suddenly spots three unidentified objects on its radar. They don't say why. Five stars all the way! As a sci-fi movie, which is what it is, it is just plain boring. There is no action and very little drama. per se, but it is presented in a semi-documentary style, so it presents itself as more factual than it is.

Shortly into the test, the jet picks up three blips on radar, and subsequently, two fighters scramble and mysteriously disappear. When Yossarian is visited by Colonels Corn and Cathcart. on June 20, 2008. How much you like this will depend a lot on whether or not you believe in UFOs. Surprised by their speed and maneuverability, two additional Marine Phantom jets are scrambled to intercept them. I remember when I saw the movie version of "Catch 22." Long before flying saucer buffs were accusing the government of hiding the facts behind the Roswell UFO crash, this movie explored the possibility that military sightings were handled in a covert and serious way. This movie does a good job of creating interest, but fails to bring closure to the story.

Afterwards, Flight 412 is rerouted to a secret facility where its four man crew are subjected to an interrogation about what they've seen. "The Disappearance of Flight 412" has the look and feel of a documentary based on a real UFO encounter and the aftermath. They want him to "like" them. You expect flat lighting, lurid color, and a message that a rhesus monkey could understand.

When it ends you wonder what was the point of this movie. This is probably the best piece of work I've found at IA, but I'm likely biased. I wish the movie disappeared with the flight. I think these guys are supposed to think they were incompetent and believe the CIS guys. No one is allowed to know what happened over the skies and the crew are subjected to Brain washing as they learn what they saw, NEVER happened at all. Metacritic Reviews. If they are and the government has documentation they are covering it up. ****. This really doesn't lead anywhere. Star: Glen Ford, David Soul.

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