It seems most likely that the claim of Thurzó's discovering Báthory covered in blood has been the embellishment of fictionalized accounts. Before dying, Nádasdy entrusted his heirs and widow to György Thurzó, who would eventually lead the investigation into Báthory's crimes.[17]. [50], Copy of the lost 1585 original portrait of Elizabeth Báthory, Letters from Thurzó to both men on 5 March 1610, printed in, A letter from 12 December 1610 by Elizabeth's son-in-law Zrínyi to, Lengyel Tünde, Várkonyi Gábor - Báthory Erzsébet, egy asszony élete, Szádeczky-Kardoss Irma - Báthory Erzsébet igazsága / The truth of Elizabeth Báthory (10 years of research using contemporary correspondence), Lengyel Tünde, Várkonyi Gábor: Báthory Erzsébet - egy asszony élete / Life of a woman, Infamous Lady the true story of Countess Erzsebet Bathory Kimberly L. Craft 2009 p.298, Thorne, Tony.
Thurzó se résout à assigner la comtesse à résidence[12]. Un procès, préparé à la hâte, se tient le 7 janvier 1611 à Bytča, présidé par le juge de la Cour royale suprême, Theodosious Syrmiensis de Szuló, et vingt juges associés. The Ecsed branch commonly sided with the Habsburgs: Stephen VII, who had escaped the battle, fled with Louis' widow to Pozsony (now Bratislava), where he organized the election of Ferdinand of Austria as King of Hungary. Néanmoins, la légende a persisté dans l’imaginaire populaire, au point que certains motifs sont souvent pris pour des faits historiques. Dorkó, Ilona et Ficzkó sont reconnus coupables et exécutés. Le titre Erzsebeth est présent sur l'album Inferno 2 (la couleur du deuil) du rappeur VII et retrace les meurtres de la comtesse. However, this number comes from the claim by a servant girl named Susannah that Jakab Szilvássy, Báthory's court official, had seen the figure in one of Báthory's private books. The Báthory coat of arms, granted in 1325 to the sons of Briccius, was styled in reference to this legend: three horizontally placed teeth surrounded by a dragon biting its own tail,[4] [20] With her husband away at war, Báthory managed business affairs and the estates. Là, elle aurait eu une amourette avec un paysan et aurait accouché d'une fille, morte à la naissance. Elle naquit le 7 aout 1560 au château de Nyirbator, en Hongrie, et elle était l’ainée de quatre enfants. Thurzó se rend à Čachtice le 29 septembre 1610, et fait arrêter Élisabeth Báthory, ainsi que quatre de ses serviteurs, accusés d’être ses complices. [4] Despite the evidence against Báthory, her family's importance kept her from facing execution. Ses premières victimes seraient de jeunes paysannes de la région, attirées à Čachtice par des offres de travail bien payées pour être servantes au château. [3] The highest number of victims cited during Báthory's trial was 650. On dénombre plus de 300 témoignages collectés en 1610 et 1611. [citation needed] Some chronicles also indicate that the couple had another son, named Miklós Nádasdy, although this cannot be confirmed, and it could be that he was simply a cousin or died young, as he is not named in Báthory's will from 1610. The two branches of the family positioned themselves on the opposing sides of the conflict. Si ces légendes sont largement mises en doute par les historiens modernes, elles persistent malgré tout dans les croyances populaires. Báthory was raised a Calvinist Protestant. [15] The threat was significant, for the village of Csejte had previously been plundered by the Ottomans while Sárvár, located near the border that divided Royal Hungary and Ottoman-occupied Hungary, was in even greater danger. [33], Most of the witnesses testified that they had heard the accusations from others, but didn't see it themselves. The palatine also coordinated the steps of the investigation with the political struggle with the Prince of Transylvania.
Later, the interest of the Zápolyas were represented at the Habsburg court by the Voivod's son Stephen IX, who would go on to become Prince of Transylvania and King of Poland. Une autre femme est trouvée blessée, d’autres enfermées[25]. [27] On 30 December, Thurzó went to Csejte Castle and arrested Báthory along with four of her servants, who were accused of being her accomplices: Dorotya Semtész, Ilona Jó, Katarína Benická, and János Újváry ("Ibis" or Fickó). Vitus killed it with three thrusts of his lance and as a reward received the castle. The Báthory family (Polish: Batory) was a Hungarian noble family of the Gutkeled clan. [19] The castle had been bought by his mother in 1569 and given to Nádasdy, who transferred it to Elizabeth during their nuptials,[17]:35 together with the Csejte country house and seventeen adjacent villages. Élisabeth Báthory de Ecséd (Báthory Erzsébet en hongrois, Alžbeta Bátoriová-Nádasdiová en slovaque) est une comtesse hongroise de la famille princière des Báthory, née le 7 août 1560[2] et morte le 21 août 1614. [19], In 1578, Nádasdy became the chief commander of Hungarian troops, leading them to war against the Ottomans. Élisabeth donnera encore naissance à Katarina et à Pál, ce dernier étant né en 1598. [13][12] This has led to speculation that Báthory's killings during her later life were part of her efforts to cure the illness she had been suffering from since childhood; however, there is no hard evidence supporting this speculation.[12]. Par sa mère Anna, issue de la branche Somlyó de la famille Báthory, elle est la nièce d'Étienne Báthory, prince de Transylvanie, qui deviendra roi de Pologne. Luke possessed wide estates in Szatmár and was granted by King Charles Robert the lordship of Ecsed, where he built the castle called Hűség (loyalty). D’autres rapportent des traces de torture sur des cadavres ; certains étaient enterrés au cimetière, d’autres dans des lieux divers. [41] The location of her body today is unknown. Wertner, Moritz, "Urgeschlechter in Siebenbürgen. She went to sleep and was found dead the following morning. [31] Báthory was also suspected of cannibalism. En 1578, Nádasdy devient commandant en chef des troupes hongroises, qu’il mène durant la guerre contre l'Empire ottoman[4]. Élisabeth, jamais poursuivie au tribunal, reste assignée à résidence dans une seule pièce de son château et ce jusqu’à sa mort. Although in modern times she has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history, her guilt is …

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