But I’ve already fixed that. Today’s Pyrenees should be a good housedog who should never be a danger to people. My question is he, © All rights reserved.

Kiss him, hug him, and make this Saint Pyrenees yours. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Busting Five Myths About the Great Pyrenees, *Dog friendly rental filter applied to results.

Also, website is spelled wrong under ‘Leave a comment.’, Hey, Megan.

So the life expectancy of their mix breed is 10 to 15 years.

Thanks. half Pyr and half St. Bernard indoor/Outdoor male named Max. My puppy is about 4 months old and her back paws are turned out (think 2 o'clock angle). He is 100 pounds, blue eyes almost all white except for a brindle patch around his right eye and some black specks on his ears.

Maybe not a lot of space. That again I ended up a “DESIGNER DOG” by accident Meet little Leo! Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. This. What a great girl! Combining this loyal and loveable nature with different dog breeds can result in some pretty amazing pooches.

You should be able to find a Pyrenees/Golden Mix if you do a Google search for your area. . We just got a 9 week old Pyrenees x ? This cutie is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard. I was thinking the same thing! Hi. I wanted to add a picture of her cus she is ridiculously cute but unsure how to . PERFECT RESPONSE!!! Again just my advice/opinion and i hope this helps. They seem to either have more wiry course hair or the cottony super soft coat. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. You don’t expect me to believe this is the same dog, do you?” Well, yes. Dog Dryer=not really expensive, mine was on sale at Chewy.com for $65 Rover Rescue 5,374 views. I have a two year old 85 LB. We were already aware of the misspelling of “website.” It occurred when we revamped the entire site a few months ago, and we’re trying to get that fixed too. Pyr Sheps have been around longer than Great Pyrenees, and they are not related. Her mom n dad were white but their litter had 2 grey pups. The average life span of great Pyrenees is 10 to 12 years and the life span of boxer is also 10 to 12 years. Best of luck!


Reproduction by any means is prohibited without specific written permission.

They are perfectly capable of fighting off predators, and years ago the breed was known for its protectiveness rather than its gentleness. is a German shep/Great Pyr/ mix. This innocent little darling is a mix of the Great Pyrenees and Great Dane, giving us a Great Pyredane. excuse me; a Pyrenean Shepard is NOT A MIXED BREED ! Please help us reduce their misery. We don’t actually sell dogs — we just provide information about them. Be sure to check out our guides to: Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear!

29 Comments. If your dog is an indoor/outdoor dog i HIGHLY recommend giving them a dry blowout(i blow his hair backwards) with the dryer. And the breed’s name in the U.S. is Great Pyrenees. So when it comes to training, think out suborning them but with patients. Actually, Pyrenees tend to have a relatively slow metabolism, which means they eat less than expected for their size. https://www.akc.org/subscription/thank-you. They are white, and they have a lot of hair … a lot of hair.

Hi Cindy – I think from the context of this article, it’s clear that we are referring to a mixed breed composed of the Mastiff and a Great Pyrenees. She looks like a tan beast with a dark muzzel. If owners post a photo saying their dog is an Australian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees mixed breed, we don’t have much choice but to believe them! All rights reserved. The Great Pyrenees and Husky union results in an amazingly ethereal creature of beauty. She's a fun loving Hound mix dog - A34776595 - Duration: 1:19. The best you will get is a educated guess.Good luck with your angel I'm sure you will love what you get anyway. This is a Pyrenean shepherd – a cross between the Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd.

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