The shield becomes the powerful Naegling's Board, but this weapon's damage reduction bonus is nerfed, as you take 10% more damage.

This won’t happen in the final boss battle of Elysium when he’s with Theseus, so make sure you pick the chamber exits with skull markings on them to increase your chances of running into him alone.

Each level up adds to the bonus damage this aspect gives to Punishing Sweep. I didn’t uncover a single hidden aspect until after I completed my first run.

The fourth, hidden Aspect for each weapon can only be obtained much later. Aspects aren't available out of the gate once you use Chthonic Keys to unlock the weapon - instead, you'll need to unlock all six weapons first. Spear – Aspect of … The more you upgrade, the better an aspect will be - so here's the effects and the associated costs so you can decide where to focus: As you'd expect, Varatha, aka the Eternal Spear, offers a slightly more ranged take on a melee weapon. Each level up reduces how rough the debuff on your health is. To unlock, talk to Artemis through her Boons after beginning to unlock the 4th Aspects.

It’s cheap (20 gemstones) and also opens up an expansive list of optional objectives, all of which will in turn line your coffers with even more currency. Make sure that you purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor first, then reach the surface and face Hades using the spear (you’re not required to beat him with it).

(Don’t worry: Zagreus will do the memorizing and the speaking for you.). No one’s heard of this Lucifer fellow, but apparently he had a fight with his dad?

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To unlock, talk to Chaos after unlocking the first of the 4th weapon aspects. The Heart-Seeking Bow costs 1 Chthonic Keys to unlock.

You'll want to plan ahead in order to spend your Titan Blood on upgrades that suit you, and that's what this list is for... Next up is the Aegis, which just so happens to be the Shield of Zeus himself. Interact with the spear before your next run and you’ll reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu. Offers a flat reduction to the damage you take in combat - appropriately foe a shield. Level 1: 20% Damage Reduction / 3 Titan Blood, Level 2: 50% Damage Reduction / 3 Titan Blood, Level 3: 30% Damage Reduction / 3 Titan Blood, Level 4: 35% Damage Reduction / 3 Titan Blood, Level 5: 40% Damage Reduction / 3 Titan Blood.

You'll need to make a decision about your play-style and which buffs will benefit you the most. Then, buy one non-Zagreus aspect from each weapon using Titan Blood. You just need to repeatedly talk to the following people during your runs until the hidden phrase comes up in conversation: For Artemis and Zeus, you can equip their keepsakes—the Adamant Arrowhead and Thunder Signet, respectively—at the start of each run to ensure you run into them early on. Achilles should eventually give you the magic word to unlock the hidden aspect soon after. Level 1: 30% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 2: 38% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 3: 45% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 4: 53% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 5: 60% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood.

Your special attack will free Cast Ammo from enemies. At that point, you'll be able to spend Titan Blood to unlock the first three Weapon Aspects. Every time you reload, your first shot afterwards is an 'Empowered' shot that deals more damage. After investing five Titan Blood into the fists, you need to equip the fists and chance upon Asterius the Minotaur as a mini-boss alone in Elysium. The move set includes the Hellfire move to replace your special, and each level boosts its damage.

A particular bow aspect might automatically target an enemy, for instance.

Each cast attack puts cast ammo on your next regular attack, ultimately saving time. Sword – Aspect of Arthur; First, you need to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu. Chaos does what Chaos wants. The Eternal Spear will cost you 4 Chthonic Keys to unlock. He needs to acknowledge that you’re wearing the fists. So if you’re trying to unlock these aspects, make sure that you focus on them first and don’t do any story-related quests for a bit if you don’t want to be left hanging. Level 1: 5% Damage Reduction / 1 Titan Blood, Level 2: 6% Damage Reduction / 1 Titan Blood, Level 3: 7% Damage Reduction / 1 Titan Blood, Level 4: 8% Damage Reduction / 1 Titan Blood, Level 5: 10% Damage Reduction / 1 Titan Blood. Each level increases how much extra bonus damage you get for 8 seconds after aborbing your own special. Each level reduces the cast drop time - meaning ammo remains lodged in enemies for less time.

Shield – Aspect of Beowulf; Put in five Titan Blood in Shields and then interact with Chaos. That's the only way to describe it; it's a great big mythological gun that was once owned by HEstia. Like the River Lethe, Hades pushes forward unceasingly. Nyx is a constant presence in the House of Hades, so you can talk to her whenever you want. Initially, you only have the Stygian Blade … Simply invest five Titan Blood into each weapon. E3 Coverage, Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap Updated, Update 33 Delayed, Roadmap Revision Promises the Start of Modding Support in 2021, PS5 Storage Expansion Won't Work at Launch, Sony Confirms, Software Update to Enable SSD Expansion Still in Progress, Alleged Capcom Ransomware Attack Reportedly Has 1 TB of Files Held Hostage, Ragnar Locker Claims to Have Capcom's Confidential Information, Crash Bandicoot Gear Debuts in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Update, Plus 100 New Challenges, Fan-Made Decks, and a New Charity DLC, Hades - How to Unlock Infernal Arms Hidden Aspects, A Hades Beginner’s Guide: How to Run Away From Home, Hades: Best Boons, Weapons, and Items For Clearing Tartarus, Hades: Best Weapon Aspect and Boss Guide To Clear Asphodel.

To reveal the final five aspects, you’ll first need to invest five Titan’s Blood into the weapon you want to uncover an aspect for, whether that means leveling up the Aspect of Zagreus a bit or unlocking and leveling up the other two aspects available.

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