Honey Moon – Mac DeMarco Lyrics, Letra: 心は沈む夕陽 空にハニー・ムーン 夢は夜降る 天使の髪の毛 ゆれる 絹ずれの背中で 空にハニー・ムーン 胸はふるえる 天馬のたてがみ ゆれる あやしい恋唄 唄ってみせようか 抜き足 差し足 近づく十五夜 月に帰るのは まだ早すぎる. 絹ずれの背中で 空にハニー・ムーン

Honey Moon – Mac DeMarco


ゆれる Yes No. Mac DeMarco covers Haruomi Hosono’s “Honey Moon”: Stream Everyone's favorite jizz jazzer sings in Japanese . 抜き足 差し足 近づく十五夜 Breakdown of the chords as they appear to be in the recording. Compartilhe … By helping UG you make the world better... and earn IQ Suggest correction × Honey Moon – Mac DeMarco. 心は沈む夕陽 空にハニー・ムーン Everyone’s favorite jizz jazzer has returned today with more new material in the form of a cover song. Previously the frontman of Makeout Videotape, he originally didn’t branch out as Mac DeMarco because he didn’t want to be mistaken for “some Italian DJ or something.”, AKA: Vernor W. M. Smith, McBriare S. L. DeMarco, Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, McBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco, McBriare DeMarco, and Pepperoni Playboy. 3 Translations available. ゆれる Mac DeMarco is the antithesis to your stereotypical singer-songwriter. The Canadian indie rocker has put his own spin on “Honey Moon”, originally released by iconic Japanese singer/songwriter/producer Haruomi Hosono in 1975. portuguese (83 %) Choose translation. Disregarding the seriously somber moments, he replaces them with whimsical and youthful spontaneity, whilst retaining endearing and subtle commentaries. LyricsHoney Moon Mac DeMarco. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author o.pinevicius [a] 37. Another day has come and let you down 1 Source For Breaking Music, Film, and TV Headlines, Nicki Minaj drops guest verse on remix of BTS’ “Idol”: Stream, Lil Yachty announces 2018 Disrespect Tour, Lori Loughlin Is a "Wreck" After First Days in Prison: Report, Lana Del Rey Announces New Album Right When Everyone Couldn't Care Less, King Crimson's Robert Fripp Performs Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" as Wife Toyah Sings and Dances Behind Bars: Watch, Kanye West Concedes 2020 Presidential Election, St. Vincent Covers Nine Inch Nails' "Piggy" with Dave Grohl on Drums: Stream, “She’s My Sweet” and “Fuck the Toronto Raptors”, The Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Masks Are Here, All Your Favorite Halloween Movies Are Streaming Here. As Stereogum points out, DeMarco actually debuted this cover version in July during a studio jam session that was live streamed on his YouTube channel CAM TONY. 月に帰るのは まだ早すぎる. Tearin’ up Lyrics, Letra: All Of Our Yesterdays - Mac DeMarco All of our yesterdays have gone now あやしい恋唄 唄ってみせようか The Lyrics for Honey Moon by Mac DeMarco have been translated into 3 languages. The No. Written by:Haruomi Hosono; Last update on: August 30, 2018. Lyrics, Letra: Holdin' out Yureru Kinu zure no senaka de Sora ni hanī mūn Mune … 夢は夜降る 天使の髪の毛 Lookin' ... Clique para compartilhar no WhatsApp(abre em nova janela), Clique para compartilhar no Twitter(abre em nova janela), Clique para compartilhar no Facebook(abre em nova janela), Clique para compartilhar no Telegram(abre em nova janela), Clique para compartilhar no Skype(abre em nova janela), Clique para imprimir(abre em nova janela), Clique para compartilhar no Pinterest(abre em nova janela), Xand Avião e Lauana Prado – Surra de Cama, Luiza Nobre – Bodas de Sofrência ft Bonde do Brasil, Jake Scott – We Haven’t Looked at Our Phones, VOODOO CIRCLE – Devil With An Angel Smile. Difficulty: intermediate. Should Saturday Night Live Replace This Actor as Joe Biden? Promptly after leaving his Edmonton garage for Vancouver he embarked on a grand voyage of enlightenment and alcoholic debauchery.

胸はふるえる 天馬のたてがみ August has been especially eventful for DeMarco, as he launched his own record label (named Mac’s Record Label, duh) and announced his first-ever solo tour. Back in May, Mac DeMarco shared a pair of tracks, “She’s My Sweet” and “Fuck the Toronto Raptors”, to coincide with the annual Met Gala event in New York.

Eb6/9 Kokoro Wa Shizumu Yūhi Ebmin7 Sora Ni Hanī Mūn Ab Gm7 Fm Yume Wa Yoru Furu A# Eb6/9 Tenshi No Kaminoke Ab6 Bb6 Eb6/9 Yureru Eb6/9 Kinu Zure No Senaka De Ebmin7 Sora Ni … english. Was this info helpful? by Mac DeMarco. McBriare Samuel Lanyon (born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV on April 30, 1990), better known by his stage name Mac DeMarco, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. Kokoro wa shizumu yūhi sora ni hanī mūn Yume wa yoru furu Tenshi no kaminoke. Mac DeMarco lyrics with translations: My Kind of Woman, Chamber of Reflection, Still Beating, Salad Days, Another One, A Heart Like Hers, Passing Out Pieces 1,246 views, added to favorites 4 times. on August 24, 2018, 2:06pm. by Lake Schatz. Last edit on Jan 07, 2019.

Over languid guitars, DeMarco can be heard singing in Japanese. Stephen King Fans Are Dying to Get These Masks. McBriare Samuel Lanyon (born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV on April 30, 1990), better known by his stage name

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