He flat out tells Jessie that once they reach New York, they will go their separate ways and tells her not argue with him. His given name's kanji usually read as "Teijin" instead of "Mikado.". And also it has 5 syllables, usually Japanese surname has 3 or 4 syllables, so it is a slightly odd. After some back and forth, the old German man agrees to help Mikado and gives him the final mark. Upon hearing this, Aoba began to (not so) subtly flirt with Anri about accompanying him. When two junior high boys break the doll sitting in the restaurant, Mikado's head filled with random, seemingly "fake" memories filled his head. Niki puts on a short black wig and glasses to look like Anri for him to sleep with her. Mikado runs up to them and apologizes as the leader of the Dollars. Because of his strong desire to evolve, Mikado detests how "normal" he looks in comparison to his friends who all seem to have some kind of special ability or profession. The next day, Mikado calls Aoba and the Blue Squares back to the old Warehouse to settle their agreement. He runs into Fuyuko and remembers his past nights with her, making him embarrassed. MiniDura Stage He sees them when he covers up his right eye. Lisette took Mikado back to her house. Hobby His favorite subject is IT when his least favorite subject is P.E. He later returns to the room and says that they would play it by ear to see how long they would stay in Turkey. Mikado Ryūgamine is the one of the main protagonists of the light novel and anime series Durarara!!!. As Mikado absorbed this information, his cell phone, along with everyone else, began to ring with a message that Chikage Rokujou was attacking Kyouhei and his gang. When they leave the convenient store, Mikado hears a high-pitched whistle and disappears into a portal that takes him into the past where he witnesses a young Genjo Eto terrorizing a girl named Sumiko.

While Mikado is sad that he left, he and Anri resolve to give Masaomi a proper welcome when he decides to come home. She yells at him and throws a bottle at him. It hurt Mikado inside to see such a worry. The tadpole tries to explain what is going on. Mikado can now also move things with his mind. However, he starts having strange visions, hearing low moans, and smelling bleach before passing out. The next day, Mikado and Masaomi went out to Eto's place to see him for themselves.

Later in the day, Masaomi finds him and tries to comfort him. Mikado is just trapped there until the experiment is over. Later, Mikado realizes that he doesn't need to sleep anymore. In "Yoemon", Mikado goes down to Ikebukuro Station on another impulse. He also had no idea that Lady Death had also joined the Dollars chatroom.

Sota proposes that they might have to kill to survive. Looking at Niki brings back memories of Anri and when he had a normal life. Political Anti-Hero, Dissociative Gangster, Protector.

While there, Uzuki and other souls try to warn him about the fourth gate opening.

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