Face this direction while working to attract wealth. Place a wooden pair of Mandarin ducks, the Chinese Scroll for love or the Rose Quartz Crystal Ducks in this direction. This happens frequently. For Example, if your year of birth is 1978, add the last two digits, ie., 7 + 8 = 15, which is a double digit number.
), and if buying a house, then choosing one of your favorable directions. ​ Chinese Bazi Calculator - Four Pillers of Destiny. Everyone knows that feng shui has symbols such as frogs and mandarin ducks. If there is any door or window in this direction do not use it. The wood itself is suitable for attracting money and water symbolizes flow. So my Kua Number is 11. It is the area of your room where you should place flowers, books, a vision board, inspirational quotes, an office desk, or anything else that represents personal and career growth. In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a more determining role than your Chinese zodiac sign. Bad Times in Life?

Do not place any water feature in this direction. Let’s say your best direction is southeast, but your home is oriented southwest. While 8 Mansions feng shui is a great way to use feng shui for your personal benefit, helping you select colors to wear that are most beneficial for you, or which house direction to choose, following proper placement always comes first. The Feng Shui Kua Number divides people into East and West group. He/she is likely to be dynamic and proactive in pursuing his/her dreams. You can easily recognize them because they are confident and always have their own opinion on things. However, his tendency to always share everything with his entourage causes him more concern than he thinks. 2. Get Marriage Prediction @ Rs.520/- (5+ Pages), Year by year in-depth analysis & predictions of life @ Rs. He/she could be prone to insomnia and shoulder and muscle aches.A Life Kua 2 person is suitable to work in industries related to Earth such as land and property, construction or careers that are required his/her caring nature such as teaching. Display statue of horses that are surrounded by I Ching Coins and golden ingots.

699/- (11+ Pages), 3-in-1 Combo Report: Indepth Horoscope + Birthstone + Numerology report @ Rs. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t have high demands.

These are directions that affect you and your life. Sleep with the head pointing in this direction. What do you do if your house is oriented in your personal loss direction? They move like fish in water in large organizations or companies. For female, add 5 to the number obtained in first step. Doors or windows may not always be an obstacle, as there is always some way to apply feng-shui energy to such places. This auspicious direction enhances harmony in relationships. However, he/she is more of a follower than a leader.The person may have strong sexual desire and can get frustrated if they are not satisfied by the partner. Kua Nos. Kua number is calculated based on the Date of Birth and Gender of a person.

However, the Kua year 3 is an exception, since its annual birth cycle is the same for both men and women. Therefore add the two digits, 1 + 5 = 6. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. For Money and Success. (Note: if your birthday falls before 4 Feb, take the previous year of birth, eg a male born on 3 Feb 1970 should take 1969 as year of birth, therefore his Life Kua number is 4). Calculation of Kua Number is based on a simple formula. 1910 1919 1928 1937 1946 1955 1964 1973 1982 1991 2000, 1911 1920 1929 1938 1947 1956 1965 1974 1983 1992 2001, 1912 1921 1930 1939 1948 1957 1966 1975 1984 1993 2002, 1913 1922 1931 1940 1949 1958 1967 1976 1985 1994 2003, 1914 1923 1932 1941 1950 1959 1968 1977 1986 1995 2004, 1915 1924 1933 1942 1951 1960 1969 1978 1987 1996 2005, 1916 1925 1934 1943 1952 1961 1970 1979 1988 1997 2006, 1917 1926 1935 1944 1953 1962 1971 1980 1989 1998 2007, 1918 1927 1936 1945 1954 1963 1972 1981 1990 1999 2008, Using your Life Kua number, scroll to the section that, Life Kua Numbers & Auspicious Directions Chart. 699/-, Looking for a job change? For its part, your house or office's Kua number, which corresponds to the year of the start of the building's construction, is the same as the Kua year of birth of men. That means RLL may receive a small commission from those sales at no cost to the buyer. Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, or 9 are people in the East Group. But don’t let it keep you up at night!

You can use your personal directions for selecting a car color, for orienting your desk (as long as you follow good feng shui form first! For the calculation of Feng shui kua, 2 factor are taken into consideration - year of birth and Gender. You can easily recognize them because they are confident and always have their own opinion on things. 5, 2, 6, 7, & 8 WEST GROUP People. 6 + 5 = 11. They suggest directions that should be utilized and those that should be avoided for their well-being. Copyright © 2020 Kathryn Weber - All Rights Reserved, PODCAST EPISODE 106: The Feng Shui of Managing Your Money, PODCAST EPISODE 105: The Clean Dirty Paradigm. 999/- (45+ Pages). A common solution to neutralize the bad effects of these directions is not to work or spend time in these directions. If you’re working from home on a laptop, this is where your office desk and laptop should be placed. It is by cultivating individualism with the years that he usually ends up making his way to success.

There is a formula for calculating your Kua number, however, it’s much easier to use any Kua number calculator on-line, where you just fill in the date of birth, gender, and then get your Kua number. Yearly Guide will tell everything for you @ Rs. LIFE KUA NUMBER : 2Element : Big EarthColour : Earth Brown, YellowAuspicious DirectionsSuccess - NEHealth - WRelationship - NWCareer - SWA Life Kua number 2 person is gentle and compassionate yet resilient. Then take advice from personalized wealth and prosperity report @ Rs.

He loves to communicate and talk with everyone, about any type of subject, as long as he does not feel overwhelmed by silence and isolation. To determine the Kua number of a home or building, the date of construction of the place must be taken as reference year and refer to the "man" column. South is your direction for success, money, wealth, and abundance. Moreover, he has the faculty to have a multitude of centers of interests, so that his partners often have difficulty to follow him in his companies. In this article, we use a method call Life Kua number to let you discover yourself.

This number is called a kua number. They are perfectionists and because they want everything organized or perfect, their job is to learn to relax more and not to take things so seriously or personally. Do not place any crystals or earth element in this direction. This number is called a kua number. I love the Red Lotus Letter!

Let's test it out. I was always confused by feng shui, but Katie makes it easy and she’s so down to earth.
(Sheng Chi) For Good Health (Tien Yi) For Better Love & Romance Life. Dirt or wilted flowers can have a negative impact on your health. Place an I Ching Coin in this direction to reduce the negative energy. The person is down to earth and hardworking, therefore well-liked by superior and co-workers. Directions Recommendation; North: Romance & Relationship: 1.

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