Begin polishing the copper strip that the shaft goes through. This is how it "locks" into each current setting. This is not always the case, though.

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These machines have been produced for many years, and chances are you own one, why not pass it on to your kids? (Current setting) They are very important, as is the copper tab that the copper strip rides on. I grew up in Germany, where standard wall current is 220VAC. on Introduction. However, while powering a refrigerator and some lamps, it ran out of gas. Getting juiced by anything isn't probably good for you, and the advice to unplug and ground out any appliance or mechanism before working on it, is sound advice.

great ible! Use dry graphite instead. Chances are if you own one of these welders you are more than proficient to dissemble its simple switch assembly and properly clean and lubricate it. Only two areas need cleaning, the contacts on each end of the strip. Once the selector is removed, take a look at it. But you need to know if you are making 100% contact or not.

I used Break-Free CLP. I can attest to that. It is worth it to take a half hour or so and give a little TLC to your old workhorse that has served you so well all these years.

I'm getting a Lincoln, today. So make sure your tombstone welder is unplugged, because it's too early to have your own. It is a negative cycle. I see the seam where they meet but am unsure if indeed to remove screws from the sides at all or is it just front face screws that come out and the face cover (not the instructions plate) comes off leaving the sides and back in place. It now runs like brand new! We so often forget to clean the contacts. RETURN TO MAIN INDEX RETURN TO MAIN MENU SVM201-A July, 2010 RANGER 225 GXT 11522 For use with machine code number: Safety Depends on You Lincoln arc welding and cutting equipment is designed and built with safety in mind. Thank you!

I used Mobile-1 full synthetic general purpose grease. And, most importantly, think before you act and be …

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