If we could make it any faster, we wouldn't.

Check out some delicious recipes using Maker's Mark.Want more booze? Her father's family co-founded the Mattingly & Moore Distillery in Bardstown in the mid-1800s. A.Mouth-blown Manufacturing.

Maker's tells us when it's ready, and not the other way around. Thousands of people come out to the distillery every day. entertainment complex in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. (image copyright The Whiskey Wash). Maker's Mark is marketed as a small batch Bourbon. Once the bourbon is deemed Maker's-worthy, the barrel is dumped and mixed into batches. The Ambassador of Bourbon Makers Mark and the Rebirth of Americas Native Spirit. It was there that she single-handedly invented the Maker’s Mark brand: she came up with the company’s logo (the star represents Star Hill, the “S” stands for Samuels, and the “IV” is a reference to Bill Samuels being a fourth-generation distiller), designed the font on the label (she wasn’t a graphic designer) and thought of the name Maker’s Mark (inspired by the identifying marks English pewter-makers stamped into their work). And, when the original finally wore down, an exact replacement was acquired. [3] Production began in 1954, and the first run was bottled in 1958 under the brand's dipped red wax seal[3] (U.S. trademark serial number 73526578). Every time. "I am excited to continue upholding the standards she set forth for years to come.". It's highly competitive and the team rotates to maintain the quality and taste. They believe there's more quality in the whisky by doing it the old-fashioned way. In addition to being stunning to look at, these gleaming copper stills are key to our double-distillation process, which removes impurities for a more refined sipping whisky.

It's fun to stick your hand in the sour mash and taste your hand. L. G. Enterprises, Redlands, CA.

The first UK special edition bottle was produced in 1993. In 1953, Marge Samuels collaborated with her husband on a new kind of bourbon, using wheat in place of rye as the secondary grain. than other whiskies. And, it wouldn't be Maker's Mark. Photograph by David Toczko Maker's Mark is bottled and then hand-dipped in our signature red wax by a member of our dipping line – just like we've done since bottle number one. Her finishing touch was the wax closure on the bottle. This is barrel-strength Maker's Mark in all its glory, straight from the cask without any additional proofing. Like a bawss.

Wearing protective clothing, guests dip bottles into the 350-degree molten wax to a point just below a small indentation in the bottle’s neck (roughly a quarter of the way down).

The Porceleyne Fles is a Dutch company based in Delft. But before the firing can happen, the cooperage (or barrel-building company) must "season" the new American white oak used for our barrels outdoors for nine months, including summer. And this is why Maker's goes down much easier (and faster!) For her work making Makers what it is, Margie was the first woman directly connected to a distillery to be inducted (posthumously, in 2014) into the Bourbon Hall of Fame. ", "No change to Maker's Mark ABV in Australia: Beam - The Shout, Hotel News, Liquor News, Bar + Club News", "Maker of Jim Beam, Maker's Mark bought by Japanese company", "Jim Beam, Maker's Mark to be sold to Japanese company: Consumers told 'nothing has changed, "This thing you should try: Maker's Mark Cask Strength bourbon", "Beam Suntory GTR Unveils Maker's Mark Cask Strength", "Crank up the flow of red wax: Maker's Mark is boosting its bourbon output", "The 'Johnny Appleseed' of American Whiskey Has Died at 70", "Maker's Mark to begin selling new 101-proof bourbon at distillery in July", Maker's Mark Distillery Tour in Loretto, KY, "Maker's Mark to uncap first new bourbon since '50s", "Maker's Mark Ratings Summary from Proof66.com", "Maker's Mark 46 Ratings Summary from Proof66.com", "Unforgettables honored on Maker's Bottle", "Maker's Mark Joe B. [11], On February 17, the company said that it had reconsidered its decision after receiving a strong negative reaction from customers, and that it would continue to bottle at the original strength. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. The earliest utilitarian bottles made in the U.S. were almost certainly free-blown. Kentucky Proud Beer Series using home-grown ingredient to highlight state’s flavors. Bottled at cask strength – which is 108–114 proof – Private Selection is made from a choice of five different wooden stave types that are selected by our retail partners. about West Cork Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey Review, This is my third bottle of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, but I still remember my first. [37], Coordinates: 37°38′52″N 85°20′56″W / 37.64778°N 85.34889°W / 37.64778; -85.34889, This article is about the bourbon whiskey. In fact, this highly guarded microorganism has been passed down to every bottle of Maker's Mark ever produced. Samuels worked as a chauffeur for Colonel Sanders.

Check out some pics of the distillery as well as some facts about the brand you may not know.Photograph by David Toczko. Three varieties are marketed: the original, bottled at 90 U.S. proof (45% alcohol by volume); a mint julep flavor with green wax on the neck released seasonally in limited amounts; and Maker's 46 (47% alcohol by volume), a variety flavored by introducing seared French oak staves into the traditional charred white oak barrel toward the end of its aging.[27]. In the 1960s and 1970s, Maker's Mark was widely marketed with the tag line, "It tastes expensive ... and is. You can even express your style by dipping your own bottle of Maker's Mark at the distillery. Samuels also received considerable assistance and recipes from Stitzel-Weller owner Pappy Van Winkle, whose distillery produced the wheated Old Fitzgerald and W. L. Weller bourbons.[23]. "Mrs. Samuels was one of many women in our industry to be directly involved with creating and growing a legendary Bourbon brand. Samuels bought the land for Maker's Mark Distillery in 1954 but did not sell the first bottle of the whisky until 1958 (Duh, it had to age first, y'all!). It retains that familiar Maker's Mark approachability with amped-up notes of oak, caramel, vanilla and spice. Maker's Mark is, along with George Dickel and Old Forester,[28] one of a handful of American-made whiskies that uses the Scottish spelling "whisky" rather than the predominant American "whiskey".

[pagebreak]Photograph by David Toczko She graduated at the top of her class from Louisville Girls High School and from the University of Louisville with a chemistry degree in 1933. [pagebreak]Photograph by David Toczko With hints of wood staves, caramel, and sweetness, our finishing process gives Maker's Mark 46™ bolder character. Every bottle is still hand-dipped today, and if you visit the distillery, you can dip your own. 5. Photograph by David Toczko Every bottle of Maker's Mark is hand dipped in red wax making no two bottles exactly alike. This ensures the bourbon pulls flavor from the staves but doesn't expand too far into the wood and become bitter. Our distillery is filled to the brim with history, tradition, and bourbon.

Maker's Mark said that their own tasting panel of distillery employees reported no taste difference in the lower proof, while industry analysts said that the difference would be subtle, and since most drinkers mix the bourbon or serve it on ice, few would be able to notice it. Maker's Mark was sold to Hiram Walker & Sons in 1981,[2] which was acquired by the distillery giant Allied Domecq in 1987. In celebration of the 1996 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions, Maker's Mark printed a bottle that had a denim background with white type. But, it wouldn't be better. Since bourbon takes a minimum of 2 years to age he opted for making a loaf of bread with each of his 7 different options and the best tasting one is what became his whisky (they drop the e at Maker’s Mark).

Our tasting panel determines when the whisky is ready to move to a cooler section, keeping it from maturing too quickly. 3. decided to stop using regular rye and start using soft winter wheat. Enjoy reading The Whiskey Jug? Barrels spend a minimum of three hot Kentucky summers in the top of the rackhouse where the whisky expands through the wood, gaining color and flavor. Check it out sometime. ©2020 Maker's Mark Distillery, Inc. Loretto, KY. Similar Posts: Review: Maker’s … Its primary bourbon earned a gold medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirit Ratings Competition and a score of 90–95 from Wine Enthusiast in 2007. In this Wednesday, April 8, 2009 photo, a bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon is dipped in red wax during a tour of the distillery in Loretto, Ky. On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, The 6th U.S. Much of the design we know so well to be classic Maker's was actually designed by a woman. Sometimes the best, freshest ingredient available is an heirloom yeast strain that's more than 150 years old. Samuel’s wife Margie created the name, drew the label and came up with the wax dipping for the bottle giving Maker’s its signature look. Readiness is determined by our Master Distiller and expert tasting panel. Kentucky limestone filters out iron from water, which is unpleasant in bourbon.

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer (the first woman involved with a distillery to be inducted, by the way) hand-dipped the first bottles in her kitchen using a home fryer to melt the wax. Margie Samuels, T.W. There's an old joke at the distillery that goes, "If we could make it any faster, we wouldn't." There seems to be countless ways to enjoy Maker's Mark®, but the best way to drink it is your way. The staves are inserted into a barrel and aged for nine additional weeks in our limestone cellar, where we keep the temperature a cool 50 degrees. The magical change had everything to do with the mash. A Maker’s Mark bottle, with its dripping rivulets of red wax, is one of the most iconic packages – not just in whiskey, but in the whole world of food and drinks. Samuels' wife, came up with the name Maker's Mark as well as the red wax seal on the bottle. I was living in the horrifically repressed state of Utah at…, There are 2 main differences between Maker's 46 and Maker's Mark. 14. Similar to how it was in Margie's kitchen all those years ago, Maker's Mark is hand-dipped in 400-degree red wax. Please support me on Patreon!

The bottles were created to raise money for a new Academic Center of Excellence on UofL's campus. Maker's Mark®, Maker's Mark 46™, Maker's Mark® Private Selection and Maker's Mark® Cask Strength Bourbon Whisky, 45%–58% Alc./Vol. Would it have been easier to switch to cheaper stock yeast when everyone else was? It's a drive through the bourbon trail and all the way to Loretto, Kentucky, about an hour and a half outside of Louisville. (Possibly the best job ever.) We rotate our 525-pound barrels by hand to ensure proper exposure to the different temperatures around the rackhouse. Samuels IV decided to change the recipe and make a more drinkable, less average and more original whisky. 5. If you’re into collecting interesting bottles, keep an eye out for an over-dipped “slam dunk” bottle or one of the blue, white, or green bottles the distillery releases periodically. Sealing wax, in general, is thought to protect the contents of bottles from evaporation. Maker's uses "open cookers" instead of the usual pressure cookers.

You can even express your style by dipping your own bottle of Maker's Mark at the distillery.

Maker’s Mark releasing second special bottle to raise money for disabled jockeys, A new bourbon is coming out with big names linked to it, including Nike’s Air Force 1.

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