And this, my friend, represents a major breakthrough on the sewing machine.

Lead Shaman: Sometimes I wonder about this team I've put together... Saboo: [to Naboo] You know nothing of the crunch. Rudy Van Der Sarzio, Jazz fusion guitarist. What is Yorkshire? Vince Noir: I've got it all in here. Spider Dijon: If you want to say something, speak the plain English. Vince Noir: All right! You're supposed to be a zookeeper. It doesn't mean anything. Derry Girls: 35 of the funniest quotes and one-liners Head Shaman: Sometimes I wonder about the team I have assembled here... Tony Harrison: It's an outrage! Howard Moon: I don't know what the rumours were. NOOO!

[he hands them each a glass of yellow liquid]. Crunchy friends in a liquid broth. Can we just cut to something else while I explain it? Rudy Van Disarzio: Well, maybe one day, Daltrey will do the hoovering. What about the zoo?

You've liquified me, you slags! The first television series is set in a zoo operated by Bob Fossil, the second in a flat and the third in a second hand shop in Dalston called Nabootique. Well, I have! Vince Noir: [referring to Nanatoo] I was getting quite a good vibe off her, actually. Lead Shaman: You shall go... with Tony Harrison there. Yorkshire is a state of mind.

Howard Moon: Playing the final moves of it's game. I think I found a new note in between B and C. I always knew it was there. The Hitcher: [to Howard Moon] You oughta be careful boy - there's alotta weirdos around 'ere, lotta nasty people... [leers]... lotta nutters. Naboo: Don't worry about me, I'm a Shaman. I call it the library suit. Vince Noir: I'm going to stick with Jagger. This is hardcore. Howard Moon: Yorkshire is a place. I've got a heavy goods license. Vince Noir: I haven't got anything inside, I'm like a beach ball. I took a note, sawtooth wave, right off this pantomime four, ran it back here, re-jammed it through itself, looped it back, mixed it with the sound of this crab committing suicide, and let it stew in its own reverb for about three hours, right? You’ve liquified me, you slags.” Tony Harrison : “It’s an outrage.An outrage.” The Spirit of Jazz: “I’m gonna creep inside you like a warm kitten.” Bollo: “I got a bad feeling about this “. 20 of The Young Ones’ most gloriously silly quotes My hat's on fire! Crack Fox: Everything's different in the world of me! Howard Moon: I want to be the greatest Jazz player in Yorkshire. Decapitated Lester Corncrake: I don't like it! Different rules apply out here, you know? Howard: “You hate jazz? Soup, soup a spicey.

Howard Moon: You're just saying that because I said it to you.

You're in this band as well! Vince Noir: Yeah, yeah so you chopped his head off right? It's all part of the ritual. "The Mighty Boosh Quotes." Am I gonna have to assemble this Kinder Egg and take him with me? Chokus-Pocus! It burns. I once looked at a hedge. Bob Fossil: Howard is asking questions about Tommy.

Howard Moon: What do you think this is I've got going on here? Vince Noir: I'm going to be in Autumn Magnets! Spider Dijon: Yes it is if he PUTS HIS BALLS INSIDE IT AND STRUMS HIMSELF TO ECSTASY! Bob Fossil: Yeah? We're gonna die in the most horrific way known to man.

Belt, school boy, Rambo…”, The Spirit of Jazz: “Ow! 50 of Terry Wogan and Graham Norton’s most scathing Eurovision quotes Kodiak Jack: Ohh, the talky stick! I behaved like a t*t. I was having problems coping with stardom.”

I'm a ragamuffin from the streets. And then three-quarters, eh, no one gives a shit about him. Carrot and coriander. Like that. Rudy Van Disarzio: They are selfish men. Sometimes life can take a serious turn, colours can fade to black... Howard Moon: So if you're feeling blue... John the Baptist: [wearing Dark Glasses] because someone's been copying you... Jesus: [also wearing Dark Glasses] you don't automatically have to sue... Rudy Van Disarzio: Put away those fiery biscuits! Spider Dijon: We should have just split like The Who. Rudy Van Disarzio: I have had enough of this talk now. The most powerful hairspray known to man. Saboo: [to Howard Moon] You know nothing of the crunch! Dennis: [after seeing Vince and Howard kiss] I need to go home and rethink a few basic principles. All the tiny animal penises all over.

Howard Moon: What?

25 of Spike Milligan’s greatest gags Vince Noir: I do the costumes, you do the music. I didn't see Roger Daltrey in no flipping apron. The Moon: He's so bright and milky white / Shining down upon the ground / He's the bright, milky white / Shining down upon the ground / Everybody look at the moon / Everybody seein' the moon / The moon is bright / He's milky white / Everybody look at the moon / Uh! You fear jazz! Vince Noir: It was a mink pamphlet. Howard Moon: [wistfully] Remember the time we had that soup? Howard Moon: Keep back.

75 of Billy Connolly’s best jokes, one-liners and quips Spider Dijon: Your wife was not just free with me. Howard Moon: Give me the amulet, you bitch! It'll turn you into musical geniuses. Dixon Bainbridge: No, put him in the Wolf Room. The Spirit of Jazz: Yorkshire? Rudi: I'm getting around to that in my own good mystical time. Red Dwarf: 30 of the funniest quotes and one-liners They call me the Midnight Barber. Kodiak Jack: Book!

Dixon Bainbridge: Naboo, are you in some shamanistic trance? Miso, miso Oriental prince in the land of SOUP!”. One man shall succeed. Howard Moon: "The Face"? Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription.

Vince Noir: Soup, soup a tasty. Saboo, you slag! Vince Noir: [lifts a huge stack of cassettes] And this is Gary Numan. Here's a song: Turn around. Vince Noir: Come on, Howard, let's go, the egg's not 'round here.

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