Given to Pinky to disown her if you’ve adopted her. If you tell him to go for it, then he will go talk to her, and you will occasionally see the two sitting close to each other. Not only is Arlo considered to be good looking by many of the fans of the game, but he also has one of the most prestigious jobs in the game. My Time at Portia is a farming, building, and life simulator filled with heartwarming characters, countless exciting quests, and hours upon hours of gameplay. So with that, if your relationship is good enough, gift him a Heart Knot to commence a relationship with him.

Arlo isn't one to just let the people of Portia run into danger alone, and even when it comes to smaller matters like shady debt collectors, Arlo is there to help.

You will need to feed QQ up to 6 times (not the 10 stated in the mission), as this equates to one feed a day. Wood. So just improve your relationships with her a little more, and eventually she’ll accept. If you choose not to romance Arlo, then sooner or later, you will get a mission from Arlo. Jealousy – How it works.

He waits here until Nora arrives and stays talking to her.

Gives +5, except for Petra, Sam and Tody, who gives +1. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop. Yellow Bow Tie (+8) – Kill Slurpees in the Collapsed Wasteland.

You may not get this from Arlo himself, but if you talk to Sam, you will learn that Arlo got on her for being too formal. Then you’re going to give the Broken Mirror to Gust, thereby divorcing him. Gifted when you want an NPC to go out with you. It’s also worth noting that for any liked gift, Ginger will only give +1.

Roses. Only available in Summer. Arlo is a man who never sees himself as the top priority, and this is what makes him such a great leader for the civil corps. Heart Knot. Caterpillar. You want to give gifts to Phyllis every day and interact with her as well. One of the most important things about gifting is if you give a gift to someone on their birthday, or on a festival day, you’ll earn 2x and 3x the relationship points, and a unique dialog.

Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Paulie, Qiwa, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Husband – 25% discount in the A&G Construction Store, gives 525 Gols sometimes in the morning, and occasionally redecorates the house. This is the second romantic mission with Phyllis, and to trigger it, you must be Lovers with her, and propose to her. Nova Sword +20, Soldier with Lance +20, Iron Sword +15, Bronze Sword +12, Seafood Noodles +12, Rocket Model +12, Sailboat Model +12, Arm Stretcher +12, Multi-function Knife +12, Waist Pack +12, Spicy Fish Soup +10, Supremely Spiicy Spaghetti +10, Power Lamp +10, Roses +10, Spicy Stew Mix +8, Ruby +8, Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce +6, Spaghetti with Hot Sauce +5, Sapphire +5, Topaz +4, Practice Sword +3, Asteria +3, Power Stone +3, Steamed Potato Fruit -2, Sweet Stew Mix -2, Fruit Tart -2, Sugar -2, Arlo Relationship Points +10, Reputation +30, EXP +1000, Gols +500.

If you bought the Mirror on the same day you divorced Gust, you don’t need to buy it. You can go on a date once a week, but you need to be at the right relationship status to unlock these actions.

Play the seesaw and get your playmate to catch a bird. But to save yourself time, you’re going to increase your relationship with Gust from the beginning as well, so it’ll save you time in the long run. You’re aim is to become her Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

He’ll give you 200 Gols and asks you to find Gust. Massage Chair (+30) - Purchase from Best Brother for 6000 Gols. Upon getting to Buddy status, you can stop giving gifts to Albert.

Asteria (Bouquet).

Even his likes include two spicy items, and if you go on a date with him to the restaurant, then you're going to need to order several spicy dishes of the menu in order to gain his approval.

Even when he's in the diner at night, Arlo is walking back in forth, making sure that everyone is safe.

Animal Feces.

If you or Portia is ever in trouble, you can be assured that Arlo will soon save up to save the day or to get you to safety. Ores (Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Aluminum and Titanium).

Gives +8, except for Petra, Sam and Tody, who gives +1. Gives +3, except for Lee, who gives -2.

Waist Pack (+12) - Need access to the Eufaula Desert and a Level 3 Worktable. They are measured by Relationship Points. If you want to increase your relationship with her again for the perks, just give her gifts every day.

Completing Secondary Missions given by the NPC. One thing you will immediately notice when walking around town is that Arlo always seems to be on the move. Become pregnant/have a max of 2 children. So when you reach Buddy status with one NPC, for example, there could be another one, or even more NPCs, whose relationship with you will also increase. Tea Set (+15) – You can only get these, on occasion, by completing Workshop Inspections. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop. The exception to this are Familiars, which is the relationship status you’ll reach with animals upon getting to two stars. If you find him standing around the Civil Corps office, then you may even find him practicing his fighting skills against the wall. Ruby. Rainbow Lemonade (4) – Purchase from the Food Store (next to the entrance to The Round Table). Romantic Proposal achievement in My Time at Portia: Accept Gust's proposal - worth 30 Gamerscore. To begin with, these are the easiest gifts to give Phyllis and Gust: Now onto the specifics for Phyllis, as she’s the first NPC you’re going to focus on. And don’t be in a relationship, or engaged, to another NPC. If you marry Arlo, though, you will find that you get a 50% bump in items brought back by the Civil Corps.

Once you reach Familiar and Pinky comes to live with you, you’ll unlock.

Structural Aesthetics (+15). The easiest by far is Apples and Aroma Apples (which you can get by kicking Apple trees).

NEXT: 5 Indie Games That Exploded This Past Decade (& 5 We're Still Waiting On Sequels For). You're then not going to show up. Arlo is a marriage candidate.

And for Pinky, if you give her a gift she doesn’t love or like, she’ll give you -2 Relationship Points. Buddy - 10% discount when purchasing land. He’ll ask for you to give three Wallpaper Samples to Martha, Paulie and Dr. Xu. Cushioned Stool (+12) – This is randomly awarded by opening a Lucky Chest. Arlo is one of the most mysterious and beloved characters on My Time At Portia. From companies in Japan to being featured on The Kim Komando Show, Jess has prided herself in expressing her love for gaming. QQ also gives +1 for all Universal Neutrals.

That's right, marrying Arlo is a way to guarantee that supplies for building are much easier to find in the game. Alice, McDonald and Emily give +1, and Papa Bear, QQ and Pinky give -2. Give out a gift that the other person doesn't like. With that, there are three romantic missions with Phyllis you’ll need to complete with her.

(Friendship is then converted to romantic relationship.). Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough?

If you cannot marry someone, and their relationship bar is stars, you’ll max out at Best Friend. There are other special gifts, but these are the ones that are either important or worth knowing. Ginger, Lee, Papa Bear and QQ will only ever give +1 for Universal Likes.
Vegetable Salad (+10) – Need a Cooking Set, Small Planter Box (to grow Lettuce) and a Blender (if Salad Sauce is not in inventory). Even More Breathtaking Graphics. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Oakes, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Gust will return. Head over to Gust at Portia Harbor. If you didn’t feed QQ at least five times, you’ll fail the mission.

This mission will be available when you’re Sweethearts with Gust. He even tells you if you go on a date with him that he feels being a leader is no different than being any other member of the crew. On the map, purple icons will appear, indicating things you can do on a date. Rewards: 1200 Exp, 500 Gols, +100 Workshop Rep, +40 Relationship with Phyllis. The only person who Arlo is close to outside of his teammates is Ack, who he helped to save. Speaking to him, you’ll find out that she really wants to open her own Clinic and he’ll give you two books – the Decocting Pot and Experiment Glassware. Buddy – 10% less materials needed for homestead upgrades. Bacon Fish Roll (+15). Broken Mirror. There is also the Giver Skill on the Social Skill Tree. If you don't want to give away a sword that powerful, then a simple iron sword will earn you fifteen friendship points. You sometimes get this from boxes in Abandoned Ruins #1. Unfortunately, now you’re going to have to break up with her (which will cost you a couple of perks with her) by giving her a Withered Branch. Relationships are fairly straightforward in the game. As mentioned, there are three characters who you need to work on your relationship with for three achievements. Any and all fish. Soil. The more you increase Arlo's friendship level, the more bumps you will get on your attack stats.

In the PC version of My Time At Portia, there is major fog filter.

This mission will trigger (most likely in Month 3).

Brings back more loot when commissioned at the Civil Corps. Then pick the earliest time available for the next day. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Oakes, Dr. Xu and Papa Bear, who give +1. Gives +4, except for Petra and Sam, who gives +1.

Gives -2, except for Aadit and Paulie, who give +2, and Alice, Oakes, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Chatting to an NPC once (subsequent chats will not award points), Sparring (though it’s not worth it for the minimal amount of RP gained).

He's a member of the Civil Corps. This walkthrough is the property of The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He will tell you that Nora confessed to him and wants your advice on the situation, in which you can, of course, turn sour.

I personally ended up modding the game to get rid of this fog which made the game a lot more crisp, colorful, and beautiful.

My in-game husband Arlo has an Australian accent on PC but is now a silent, mysterious type. NPCs also have relationship networks, so if you improve or ruin your relationship with one NPC, it will have a knock on effect to any other NPCs that have a relationship to that one. We know that Arlo is obviously into combat, but did you know there is another way to his heart other than food? In fact, you can get more points with Arlo by giving him swords than you can by simply feeding him. So make sure you feed QQ at least five times to complete the mission. This is a straightforward mission, meet Gust at the Church of the Light at 19:00.

You’ll be able to gift something to her once a day, and the only gift worth giving to her is Fish. In the late game, you will even have to help him take on dangerous enemies to help bring peace to Portia. You must meet her before 17:00 otherwise you will fail the mission. Purchase one from Alice’s Flower Shop, and then you need to give it to Phyllis as a gift. Special Salmon Fried Rice (+10) – Need a Cooking Set. Doing this will help boost your relationship by 25 points with Phyllis. You’ll then have QQ live with you for the entire 6 days. Arlo is one of the most popular bachelors in all of Portia. Otherwise you can sell the Broken Mirror for 12500 Gols. And that ends all of the relationship related achievements in the game.

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