Nico Yazawa is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. After having fun at many places, Honoka decided that she wants to go watch the sea with just the nine of them there. Kotori explains to her that she wanted to tell them but couldn't, and runs away.

iKON Fandom Name: iKONIC iKON Official […] At the train station, while laughing at the pictures, Hanayo started to cry. Tsubasa hushed Honoka before others could see her then she grabbed Honoka's arm and ran, dragging her inside the building. µ's performs the song "Dancing stars on me!" In the manga, Nico has a more easy-going personality (similar to Nozomi) in contrast to her vain, jaded and prideful attitude in the anime. In Episode 13, Eli decides to put μ's on a hiatus. [6] The song peaked at No. Tsubasa tried to comment on Nico's good points, but she could not think of anything, so she thanked her for always sending flowers to A-RISE. Umi notices her distress and calls her later that day, discovering that Kotori had been wanting to tell Honoka something. Nico predicted that her chest could grow 3 cm more.

Afterwards, Honoka tells the crowd to say "μ's Music Start!" Sometimes, her determination to become the best idol causes her to be a bit cold, calculating, and sometimes even evil in her intentions.

First Appearance (にっこにっこにー), accompanied with a pose. They asked Umi why there haven't been any love songs for µ's and Nozomi answered that it's because Umi has no romantic experience yet. July 22 (Cancer) Expressing her happiness, She mentioned that she was excited, impatient, and nervous as her baby boy was almost on the earth. Tweet about today's events on my smartphone♡ And then check other idols' photo collections, practice dance--- Research time, I guess? Her brazen desire for the spotlight and to be doted on is a product of not being afforded such attention due to her home situation. The refreshing yet full-bodied flavor of my secret soy-sauce demi-glace is delicious~! being held once more.

Everyone told Honoka their feelings about entering Love Live! She enjoyed writing songs from an early age and was inspired by artists such as KRS-One, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Niko B may have only ever released two songs but one of them is having quite the impact on The Official Big Top

After arriving at the Yazawa residence, they met Cotaro, Nico's little brother who also believed that they were backup dancers. Third Year In an interview with Clash, Niko B says he vomited before every show and his music cut out in the first show, so he sang happy birthday to a girl in the front row.

and aims to win Love Live!. Keyshia is known for her songs like The Way It Is, Just Like You, and A Different Me, which peaked at No.19, #2 on the Billboard charts respectively. Tsubasa then asked Eli to tell Honoka and the others that both µ's and them should give it their best, and that they won't lose. Unlike the rest of μ's, she wears a pink cardigan on top of her school uniform's shirt, and under her winter uniform's blazer. Nozomi and Eli went to Nico's house to fetch her. Tsubasa, Erena, and Anju then revealed each of μ's members' good points. I know that much.After all--- Nico is an idol!Yes.A swimsuit photoshoot, of course that's a first for me too. At the end of the episode, all of μ's go out to the beach and watch the sunrise while holding hands. Nico was the only member of μ's who was never shown as a child until the 2018 April's Fools Event in the. She is one of the Richest Rapper, who was born in United States. Most Popular #7716. Eli said that she'll explain the situation to the staff and they'll rehearse with six members. Spicy food When they were about to leave the train station and head for the bus, Rin told them that they might be forgetting something. [1], Tom began his music career from singing lyrics of his iPhone and went on to produce his first single, 'Mary Berry'. a year ago. Everyone noticed that it was not strict like usual. Nico told them that it was because of the extra weight. Nico showed her family their trophy from winning Love Live!, earning her a "congratulations" from her mother.

Maki then brought up the topic about Alisa and Yukiho passing and that led to talking about the third years' graduation.

[1] His latest single, "Who's That What's That", confused many as the song did not assign to a genre typically found in the music industry.

Because of this, Nico is accustomed to and skilled in cooking and housekeeping. µ's went to their local shrine and prayed together. Later, Umi found out that Honoka and Hanayo were sneaking off during their runs to eat rice. making Honoka state her true desire to enter Love Live! In Japanese, the onomatopoeia for smile is.

However, her plan backfires when everyone gets similar scores. The truth is she loves Nico~♪ And of course, Nico loves Maki-chan more than tomatoes♡ Hey, Maki-chan, did you hear that~? In Episode 3, Nico was secretly watching Honoka, Umi, and Kotori performing ". The 23 years old musician is known for his famous songs like Look at me, Love, Keep Swimming, Merry Jane, On My Own, and Take It There. Some of Wikitia's pages are sourced from's Mainspace and Draftspace. Niko Khale garners the immense amount of net worth from his professional career as a musician. Honoka stated that she wasn't really good at expressing herself with words but she loved singing, therefore, instead of a speech, she dedicated a song for the seniors instead. Nozomi grabbed it immediately, feeling embarrassed. Nozomi then suggested that they make it a love song which surprised everyone. Because Nico's mother is nearly never home, Nico has long since assumed the role of their household's head (or possibly sole) caretaker. He might have garnered the massive fortunes ranging in thousands of dollars. ", "What happens after you become an internet sensation?

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, Media-Specific (Manga, Anime, School Idol-Diary), Love Live! © During the race, Honoka finally understood the meaning of Yukiho's words, as at that time, Eli, Nozomi, and Nico will graduate and no longer be school idols, making this year's Love Live!

At the school gates, before the girls can get a chance to part ways, Hanayo received some 'big news', prompting everyone to rush back to the club room. in the auditorium, despite wearing their school uniforms, and this time with the auditorium filled with people.

[2] The song focused around life in small-town Britain. Nozomi denied that and said that it was the cards who told her that they might regret it if the three of them won't go together at least once.

Name He posted an Instagram photo with Jorja Smith in May 2020. Maki and Eli decided to call over the others to Nozomi's house, and deciding to go ahead with writing the song.

A big pancake heaped with fresh cream and ice cream♪ I'll fully enjoy this utter bliss Nico~!! Birthday Honoka soon noticed that there was cloth tied by the window that leads outside. Everyone got depressed, but Eli told them that they agreed not to talk about it until after Love Live! Discover More: Trippie Redd Wiki: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name. or not.

Popularity . Eli told them that Honoka and the others would be late because of a school event but they'll be there by the time they perform. Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth.

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