In contrast to other tents, it has a built-in splitter for rooms. But with that, it is strongly recommended to use waterproof spray and tent coating material to ensure maximum protection from water. This means that it is a perfect tent when camping with friends or family beneath the same roof. To keep your tent interior neat and well organised, there are hanging organizers and pockets to provide more storage area for managing small tools and stuff. In addition, there are two huge vents that help in vertical air ventilation. You can set this tent within no time of 60 seconds. So it is basically a summer camp. The three tents are connected, and can be accessed without having to leave the tent system. Ozark Trail, 3 person camping Dome tent is an ultimate model for almost all of your casual trips and adventures. A removable center room divider allows for privacy or remove it to create one large 115 square foot room. If you are a fair weather camper who is not camping every weekend and you are on a budget, this is an excellent choice for your needs. Snap the quick clips onto each of the poles. You can open the skylights up to a certain extent to allow the sunlight into the tent otherwise it can be kept closed during the day and fold up for stargazing at night. Constructed of sturdy polyester with a polyethylene floor, this roomy outdoor shelter weighs just 24 lbs when fully collapsed.

A front vestibule is also present to adjust your muddy boots and clothes. Enough room to easily fit two queen-sized air mattresses with extra room for gear. For firm anchoring to the ground, the tent comes with four guy lines. Other features include gear lofts and pocket for storage, E- cord for electrical devices, and a mud mat at the entrance to avoid muddy boots inside the tent. Secure the other end of the poles to the pin rings at the base of the tent. It weighs only 5.46lbs that makes it a convenient tent to be carried on long-distance trips. Provided with a D-form door and a number of pockets for storing small items. All the windows are designed with panels to attain maximum protection and desired privacy. It runs from front to back and hooks conveniently for a partition. If you like the Ozark Trail tents in this size category, but you’re worried about a tent that will withstand harsher weather, consider the Ozark Trail Weatherbuster tent. The spaciousness and conveniences of this tent are hard to pass up for the price. The body of the tent and rainfly is manufactured of poly Taffeta 185T with a thick coating of 600mm. A ground vent has been located at its base that provides extra bits of fresh air circulation and keeps the tent cool and cozy during warm afternoons. Moreover they also makes all kinds of camping accessories for Camping, Hiking & Backpacking. Keep your tent from any kind of odor. The door is more like a flap, meaning that you will raise it up while entering into the tent. Also, the screen room lags the floor, so you need not to worry about what chair legs will do to the floor. If you are looking for a 2 person tent, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, the Ozark Trail 2 person dome tent is a really good option.

It is very light in weight and compact in structure. I’ll answer this in a very general way. With a tent height at 74″ in the middle, standing up to change and move around is easy.

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