Jn6;27 Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life,which the Son of man will give you.For on Him the father,»God,has set his seal»they did not see Jesus like the aliment that give eternity life,they saw him as the aliment that take you hungry away,Jesus is claiming about it,you don’t look for me because you did see sighs and miracles,but because I’m feeding you(like the one of who said if Jesus make a miracle in me i follow him, but Jesus was all ready making miracles,nevertheless they was putting conditions to God.But God said don’t work for the perishable aliment,work instead for the aliment that will give you eternity life.Remember the three of life that was saying in the apocalypse it was in the center; the three usually was given eternity life?,than said work for the spiritual food that give eternity life,that is the aliment that He will give you,that is the promise,remember the first step?PROMISE. Jn5 five is right after 4 and than before 6 to 39 (jn5:4;39) Said: You investigated the scriptures because you believe to have in theirs eternity life this what is Jesus saying to who?haha and in that time he is saying to who? Christian believers obey and call her The King of Kings chose Mary.

This is the reason of why many protestant are not in the church that Jesus was made because they not want to accept if what Jesus said, that Christ is in the EUCHARIST,I know many of them, many of his disciples stop believing in His master, because he tell them, they have to eat Him and drink him. To discover that Mary is our Mother, is to find God as a father and to feel loved children forever.

Jh 57 Whoever eats my flesh and drink my blood abides in me, and I in him, thats the other thing,we abides in Him in COMMON UNION I make a parenthesis:(When you receive the communion, you should sit down to look at the person next to me?,to look how is her dress of the peoples are closed to me?,to see if came the dougther of some one ,or if is pregnant the daughter of the servant ?NO,NO,NO,NO ) When you do communion you said of what Jesus said in his words WHOEVER EATS ME,WILL LIVE IN ME AND I IN HIM.You have to sit down and closed your eyes and feel that Christ live in you and you in Him,do not think in nothing but God,and let Christ,come to you and feel the reality that you are heaving at the moment,preach your self, believe in that truth ,and when you go thru that Christ come to you,He Kill the sin in you, does not matter how big it is, some sin that you never could let it get out of you, in that moment Christ make you became ashes, come in your live, give you new life, give you eternity life, give you the salvation, and you are in him and Him in you that way you can said «I don’t live anymore is Christ Of who lives in me» and you know what?,is there the is healing, is there when is releases there of when you are living the eucharist ,is there of when I cried of sadness, of looking of how some peoples receive the eucharist looking to the neighbor,smyling,making jokes, watching at the pretty person is there, let me tell you YOU WASTING  TIME,WASTING TIME,Did you know that are masses of healing, some peoples said that should not call healing masses, other said all masses are healing masses all of them are, but are for the person of who lives of what Im saying why? The apostle John, was the disciple whom Jesus loved most, for which he gives Mary as a mother to him. The body is composed of many parts: head, arms, legs, etc.

– Because there was a very strong reason that made him give up, and it was that he found out that the Virgin Mary was pregnant of the Holy Spirit. Now comes a claim.It is a affirmation;you scrutinize the scripture?, wonderful,thinking to have eternity life?,wonderful,they give testimony of me,wonderful:now is a claim;to the Jews town and to us: And you don’t want to come to me? - YouTube, "EVANGÉLICA LE ESCUPIÓ LA CARA CON LA BIBLIA Y RECULÓ"✝️Padre Luis ToroDEBATE APOLOGÉTICAHD1080p - YouTube, Niño Sorprende Explicando el Salmo 91 - Hermoso Mensaje - YouTube.

Their offerings had a special meaning, gold, because they recognized that this Child was King, Incense, because it was God and myrrh because of his human nature. Que significa sirviente o servidor profético del antiguo testamento. En la Escuela de bíblia Padre Luis Toro, encontraras un impactante testimonio de conversión al la fe Católica de su lector oficial cuya historia se recoge en el libro Rescate. cuantos titulos tiene???

Pacto de Dios con David, el templo con su culto establecido por David. Este video fue editado, contiene un enfoque personal a la luz de la sagrada escritura para comprender ciertas preguntas frecuentes de hermanos de la iglesia ... Mira el Video COMPLETO Aquí: ➡ https://bit.ly/2E2WmB0 SUSCRIBETE AQUI https://bit.ly/2QDzzzN Curso de Biblia ► https://bit.ly/2zz1Osy ⚠️ Enseñanzas, Predi... ✔️ vídeo completo Aquí: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr83uPi0G28&t=981s ✔️Suscríbete Aquí https://bit.ly/2QDzzzN ✔️Curso de Biblia https://bit.ly/2zz1... VER VÍDEO COMPLETO AQUI https://bit.ly/2HTJ11x SUSCRIBETE AQUI https://bit.ly/2QDzzzN Curso de Biblia https://bit.ly/2zz1Osy Enseñanzas, Predicas y Cha... Derechos Reservados del Padre Luis Toro, Misionero Internacional de la Misericordia por voluntad del Papa Francisco Busca el video completo aqui https://ww... 10 armas espirituales para ganar la batalla por la pureza - YouTube, SI LA IGLESIA CATÓLICA NO SIRVE ¿ PORQUE CARGAS LA BIBLIA QUE HIZO LA IGLESIA? - YouTube, EL BAUTISMO de NIÑOS EN LA REINA VALERA | P LUIS TORO el SALVADOR EN VIVO - YouTube, (PREGUNTAS Y RESPUESTAS EL BAUTISMO) 10 pastores pentecostales vs cura católico Parte 5 de 6 - YouTube, P. LUIS TORO demuestra el engaño del Libro Mormón. Claims you don’t want to believe in my word in what I said;did not believe to Moses did pre-figurative; now I will give it to you.

IN WHAT PART? – It’s something exceptional, out of the ordinary. La libre interpretación protestante hace que cualquiera pueda ser teólogo. And the work does not means,work with tools,means work in faith,because the one of who was follow hem didn’t know how to work in faith they was only looking for the perished aliment,but its has to work to stop putting the eyes in the material goods,we have to work in faith to look forward to make it happen.For God the father has sealed him.

No creature is concealed from him, but everything is naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must render an account”. El Padre ha aceptado la censura con docilidad y humildad como buen hijo de la Iglesia que es. Mary is pregnant with the Holy Spirit, because she has conceived by Him. Actualmente es Misionero Internacional de la Misericordia enviado por su Santidad el Papa Francisco Este es un libro de preciosa ayuda a aquellos que, enfrentados al mal y a difíciles condiciones, se afligen delante de Dios. After this Jesus went away to the other side of the sea of Galilee,which is the sea of Tiberias.

Only Jesus. Being God Almighty, he could send his son in many ways, because being Almighty he did not need anything or anyone to send him but, God wanted, chose, looked and called the Virgin Mary to be the mother of His Son, second person of the Trinity and through the Archangel Gabriel, who sent the great and happy news.

En este listado podrás encontrar los principales temas que enseña el padre Luis Toro, encontrando la verdad sobre temas como la Virgen Maria, El bautismo, Las imágenes, las sectas, los Protestantes, La Eucaristia.

Then the Protestants ask us, how did the son of Mary come out then?

Let’s hear what the beloved apostle says, Juan.

Fuerza fundamental del cristianismo donde hace referencia a la celebración del matrimonio cristiano. La intercesión de los santos y la resurrección de los muertos. ;nevertheless don’t want to come to me to have life?

The Truth of The Eucharist is Revealed EXCLUSIVE AND AWESOME! Este libro nos habla acerca del amor y la fe al templo. Ver más ideas sobre Padre, Luis, Toros. When it was evening,his disciples when down to the sea,embarked in a boat,and when across the sea to Capernaum.It had already grown dark,and Jesus had not yet come to them. A person fullfilled with the Holy Spirit is able to see the greatness of the Virgin Mary. (to have eternity life,to find the truth) to all of that.To find Jesus because they give testimony of Jesus.You see now?

En este listado podrás encontrar los libros completos del antiguo testamento.

Our Lord Jesus Christ greets the apostles and blows upon them  the Holy Spirit. 13 people found this helpful.

And who love the Virgin Mary?

Pidió permiso al rey para volver a Jerusalén y así reconstruir los muros de la ciudad. Alberto Bárcena y Patricio Lons, Un sacerdote cuenta la anécdota que le sucedió en un taxi por ir vestido “de cura”, Masturbación, pecado mortal que esclaviza y paraliza la vida espiritual, El demonio confesó al P. Amorth su poderosa influencia en los TATUAJES EN LA PIEL, Hallan el cuerpo incorrupto de un joven en proceso de canonización: lleva intacto desde 2006.

Repent, and believe in the gospel.». Lorena G. 1.0 out of 5 stars Que este libro no está autorizado por el padre Luis toro.

primero El pueblo reconoce las consecuencias del pecado. Brothers,l make a parenthesis,is here some catechists?,brother the catechist or not catechist should learn this and teach this the chapter 6 versus 48-56 (Jh6;48-56) they should learn this and keep it in mind and teach it to the children to keep it in mind too,John Paul saids in one of his letters, the catechist that does not teach to the children’s  the bible is forming practical atheists,dont you get curious that some children make first communion and last communion?and you wonder of whats happening? Jesus is our Lord and our Savior and is the son of the Virgin Mary. – It would be like killing the body. Comment Report abuse. Jh 39 Yet this the will of the father who send me:that I should lose nothing out of all that he has given to me,but that a I should raise them up on the last day.

Es un libro no autorizado por el padre luis toro y el que lo escribió se esta aprovechado de la sabiduría del padre. – For those who wonder how it was, be sure that she gave birth to Emmanuel «God with us». jh57 Whoever eat my flesh and drink my blood,abdice in me, and i in him,Iwish you and I always that we get the eucharist believe that we are really in him and him in us;I challenge you to feel that, if you receive all of that  and  make not  any change in you let me know, you could tell me a liar,I challenge you, let see if you don’t make a change in you life?.

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