Is there any reason I should listen to him over my fucking barber? However, the ABC News channel has a bigger audience than Sky News, according to the OzTAM ratings figures. @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Are we all meant to get infected so Paul Dimattina can make a dollar? @RitaPanahi Anyone who describes Paul Dimattina as an AFL great would just as accurately describe you, Rita, as a literary genius. This is something that will play out over months and years.". "There's a limited audience for right-wing ranters on TV.". "For someone like Alan Jones, who is already on radio and in print, Sky is just another way to reach more people," the producer says. @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Is Paul Dimattina trying to save Victorian lives? News Corp’s group director of broadcasting, Siobhan McKenna, said the Whittaker appointment recognises the importance of live news to the growth of News Corp’s broadcast businesses.

now an upset man on the verge of tears knows best #hasform Former AFL player Paul Dimattina fined for punching bar manager.

"The more conservative Sky becomes, the less interested Labor and the Greens are in speaking to our viewers. There has never been worse leadership at State or Federal level in Australia’s history, Yes, this Paul Dimattina who by the way couldn’t give a flying fuck about ppl working in hospitality, even assaults them.

@SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Retired AFL great and noted epidemiologist, Paul Dimattina . Last year, Sky aired an interview with far-right extremist Blair Cottrell, causing some sponsors to withdraw their advertising. Is he an epidemiologist? By preaching to a conservative choir at night, he believes, Sky may alienate its broader daytime audience.

Paul Dimattina Another frightening,aggressive small business person,boy are they nasty! Since Sky News began stacking its evening schedule with conservative commentators – including Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin and Alan Jones – some critics have questioned the "Foxification" of the pay TV channel. He’s emotional and trying to survive to hold onto everything he’s build and his livelihood. "David's had his eye on the exit for a while," says the ex-employee. Premier Andrews said all week Melburnians could expect an easing of restrictions, but on Sunday pointed to over 1,000 tests which are still in the lab from a cluster in Melbourne’s north as to why there needed to be a “cautious pause”. Mr Andrews on Sunday announced tentative dates for the easing of restrictions, should new case numbers remain low. Application may not work as expected. Mr Dimattina said the announcement is “just a new norm for us” and criticised the Andrews government for its lies and the “rubbish that they talk”. "What else are they going to watch?" Politicians, bureaucrats, business leaders, opinion leaders – they're the people who watch.". Paul Murray averages 275,000 weekly viewers on Sky News. Sky News host Paul Murray discussed the recent announcement from Daniel Andrews with small business owner Paul Dimattina, Campaign Manager of Beef it up Australia Anita Donlon and Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick. "I'm just not sure we can walk both sides of the street," says the Sky veteran. I know other people in there are also weighing up their options.". “How much longer do we need to be put in a jail cell for a crime we didn’t commit. "Its audience isn't big but it's influential. The 30-year veteran of News Corp succeeds Angelos Frangopoulos who is leaving the country to head up Sky News Arabia. It is believed Speers will move from Canberra to Melbourne, where Insiders is currently filmed. Not reporting the news but creating it eh, @RonniSalt. The executive chairman of News Corp Australia, Michael Miller, said Whittaker has an intimate understanding of the Australian political, business and evolving media landscape. Sky’s jump to the right has boosted ratings – but at what cost? Ah yes, Paul Dimattina the world renowned epidemiologist and public health expert, so glad we have his opinion! Warning - assets failed to load. Paul Murray averages 275,000 weekly viewers on Sky News. We’re over the lines, we’re over the lies, we’re over the fearmongering, we’re over the division he’s trying to cause in society here in Victoria, and that’s what he’s doing.

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