Simply fill out our form below to get your FREE, no-obligation quote from MickeyTravels. twice….. it required one of the most painful things I’ve had to withstand in a long time. The chaos of 2020 is wasting no time in rising to the surface.

With his only superpower being time-travel, his original mission on earth was to stop the oil barons from destroying the planet in the future, by going back in time to save the world, Terminator style.

“resistance is futile, you will be assimilated” (hell no, I’m a win one for the gipper) … but I digress. Superbarrio has even appeared in the 2000AD comic Crisis, by Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra. With no known fighting skills, he is a man with strong morals that both fights crime and does charity work, Captain Australia is a celebrity crime fighter from Brisbane, Australia. We arrived about 5 minutes before the report time; he dropped me and as pre-arranged took off to head home before the insane drivers became more prolific, and to get some sleep – atleast one of us should we had devised – before I’d be scrubbed, happily medicated, wheeled in, surgeried, and done well before his normal wake time – or so we thought. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She told me she was thinking she might need to do a drain. Master Legend is another well-known real-life superhero based in the US. She is a good data person, but a horrible working with humans person, and she is too self (career, comfort, body — a thing I’m working on learning) focused to do the things like “wow lets call in RX for the patient we finished, before we go into “the next patient” …. This made the drive in the dark a bit more stress ridden for P. I had suggested he get coffee for himself – before realizing Starbucks wasn’t even open yet. the “drain” yeah we went that way… is small and seems relatively neat and clean – and will in most likely events be gone before the wound vac – which is both odd and predictable – go figure — my body “yeah we do what we want” —. Thank you for learning and growing experiences, and thank you universe for providing me with quiet and insanely helpful intuitions in my life. His costume is a famous red and yellow wrestler's mask, and a red suit with "SB" in big yellow letters in a pentagonal shield. I’m certain they were always there, but I’m blessed to have the volume around 8 instead of around 2. From Cincinnati Ohio, Shadow Hare wears a black suit with a white hare’s face on the front. Disney’s Marvel, the company behind superheros like Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Black Panther,  decided on National Superhero Day to honor some real-life, front-line essential workers as Superheros., — Stan Lee (@TheRealStanLee) April 28, 2020. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We picked up the pace and headed out the door. What a wonderful unexpected blessing. I chimed in to help her break her anxiety a tiny bit and to make it more light hearted, we all three had a good laugh for a few minutes, before the nurse arrived and called my name back to the next step.

Phoenix Jones is perhaps the most famous real-life superhero in the world, due to his also being a mixed martial arts fighter of some renown within the World Series of Fighting.

Your email address will not be published. Eventually my favorite nurse of this experience “Quo” as she called herself, or “Quoessha” showed up to introduce herself, and check my BP again as it was “still high” — Note to self, pizza probably not the best pre-op food the night before, as its high in sodium – and while my BP wasn’t in the “danger zone” it was higher than they liked, and no amount of me “calling it down” was working when there was just too bloody much sodium in my system.
So that I could help… and not keep trying to fight against the borg invading my body. The mask is important, but how about we “tie” it to our face, instead of attaching it to a part that will inadvertently get uncomfortable, and btw, peoples ears are NOT all the same size, so these can’t possible fit “one size fits all”.

I had surgery today.

“Mickey” who is actually Michella in the recovery room, was super great. NOT PLEASANT. So we, the three of us talked a bit, I explained the Vimpat situation, and the cause of it, I explained the “no I didn’t take ativan, but I probably should have” situation – I confirmed about the two drugs Jennifer had given me. My body typically doesn’t need this type of thing – but Dr F is an A type so there would never have been a world where this wasn’t the way we went. Next came the waiting. ” ….. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle…. I’m good, tired but not sleepy – and of course the RX they sent didn'[ get to walgreens – Rachel with Dr F office really needs another job.

The Black Rat is a real-life superhero based in Sydney, Australia.

So M would remind her politely — I finally intercede and got her talking about her kids. I feel for the poor tech that did this test, what a horrible horrible job to have., — Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) April 28, 2020, In addition to this, the Russo Brothers, shared a picture of the Avengers from Endgame wearing Personal Protective Gear. There are hundreds of real-life superheroes in America alone, but here is a list of 15 of the craziest real-life superheroes … She as very very nervous. — we seem to do that alot in this country/society. A drain would allow her more access to “get the crap” … without being overly invasive to my body.

Clad in black and blue lycra, he is a gardener by day and vigilante by night. Always, everytime, they think I’m just being hard on myself – and I heard Karen holler at Austin for giving me this title – which he xplained I had given myself … bet she still didn’t’ believe him — bet she does now. We hit it off, and when his “somewhat IDk what else to call her, and its not an appropriate title” boss, Karen came in because “I was talking too much and making him take too long” — We started over. No harm no foul. I summeroized to the best of my “invisible” knowledge about “why” I would be a difficult patient – not from a conscious perspective – and I looked Karen in the eye, and told her … when I was difficult, and she was having to “fix something” to talk to my seemingly fast asleep ass and tell me what she needed. And after what seemed like a lifetime – she finally got a BP reading low enough to send me back to 28 and Kaitlyn – to get de-accessed, dressed, and wheeled out to P. Kaitlyn is the first person in my life to actually look like a Kaitlyn! So M and I talked alot – she is trying to get into the doctor about some issues – which I got to hear about because she was talking to the nurse across….

She left the room, and Karen, Austin and Quo outside got me into Rock and Rolling. Masked vigilantes have been around for hundreds of years, but their popularity has been on the rise since the release of comics and films such as Kick-Ass.

I told her I trusted her, and to make it so, if she felt it was what she needed. Real-Life Superheroes. Get in touch via email at or follow along on Facebook.

Wearing a black mask and Union Jack, he is a cross between the Comedian and Captain Britain. They are keeping us safe, taking care of us when we are sick and making sure our families have the things they need during uncertain times. New Fleece Hoodies At The Emporium Are Sure To Keep Your Little Ones Warm! I’ve never had a nurse call from my bedside like this – and I voiced to Phil, I’m done, come get me. All Rights Reserved. Jordan is a sweet 9-year-old who loves life. Many of these real-life superheroes even have their own websites and social media pages, where you can contact them directly in your time of need. In honor of #NationalSuperHeroDay, tell us about the #1 superhero in your life right now. Lets start by saying that P and I neither one slept well – being woken by clarity of conscious, and heartfelt empathy for each other and the folks that would be helping me today – kept me from consolidated sleep. Dressed all in black to blend in well in the shadows, his suit is said to be resistant to knife attacks. but I digress – this is a topic for another blog, I quickly changed into the “hospital attire” — its like when you go to the costume ball, everyone wears a costume. Find articles like this helpful? His partner in crime is his now wife, known as Knight Maiden, who teams up with him in her pink and white suit. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Interested in booking a Disney Vacation?

It hurt.
Thank you♥️, — Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) April 27, 2020, Because it is National Superhero Day, we cannot forget Warner Bros and DC Comics who also showed their appreciation for the newly recognized real-world superheroes.

But no no, lets rock the vote, and go for the full monty – No way you won’t be in pain with this!! I had left my cell phone with P – out of many reasons, the first being that youtube recently (Simon Sinek) mentioned something I hadn’t considered, that being addiction to Dopamine is evident in addiction to cell phone – picking it up and scanning it everytime something goes chime or buzz, is a form of pez dispenser/pavlov’s dog for the human dopamine — So well … me in typical fashion – lets try to work on minimizing this – its something I’ve considered multiple times with my observations/discussions with April. My Real Life Superhero.

apparently the ultra friendly people all got assigned to this section of the surgery room, so I felt glad to have been one of the patients assigned here too. Patrolling the streets of Moldova, he searches for drug dealers and sex abusers to try and stop them in their tracks.

“It’s 7pmET and you guys are cheering on the healthcare professionals and staff during their change of shifts—we’re clapping along with you,” they said. Claiming to have foiled robberies and drug deals, he comes prepared with own crime fighting kit consisting of a notebook, flashlight and first aid kit, but can also hold his own in a fight. “Both dress up in uniforms that represent higher ideals and help people every day.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, and known for his big personality as well as masked crusades, he co-founded the crime-fighting team known as Team Justice, as well as another team called the Justice Crusaders. Visit her facebook page at MickeyTravels-Renee Lane or email her at for a free no-obligation quote on your Walt Disney World, DisneyLand, Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney vacation! I don’t remember the rest of what happened until i was in the recovery.

As well as trying to stop criminals in their path, he has also been seen to give out meals to the homeless. She was kind, pleasant, and above all ready to do whatever I needed to help me reach my goal of GTFO. Seven is another Italian masked vigilante, one who didn’t appear on the scene until 2014. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Pople in 2018 said he’d been bullied by classmates and abused by his mother growing up, but found escape in superhero stories. Here’s what Marvel Studios said on Twitter: “On #NationalSuperHeroDay we celebrate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, thank you to those on the front lines helping keep all of us healthy and safe.”, On #NationalSuperHeroDay we celebrate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, thank you to those on the front lines helping keep all of us healthy and safe. Here’s what Marvel Studios said on Twitter: “On, we celebrate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, thank you to those on the front lines helping keep all of us healthy and safe.”. They shove this qtip like thing up your nose, far enough to touch your brain. One of the first known superheroes, he is also non-violent, preferring to use his image to organize civil protests, petitions and rallies.

There are hundreds of real-life superheroes in America alone, but here is a list of 15 of the craziest real-life superheroes world-wide.

Having boxed since the age of 11, he is prepared if things turn violent, but says quite often just shining a torch in a criminal’s face succeeds in scaring them away. Scary scary delta, and apparently a common thing?

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