We do agree that the Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave™ is still utilizing fabric as base material, but how we went from conventional fabric to SoftWeave™ and how Secretlab improved the material are really important points. However, this new product has been touted to feature an improved level of comfort, which is more than enough reason for us to keep our eyes peeled for the delivery as we anxiously waited for it to arrive.

(It doesnt help my PC is in a very enclosed space but I am going to upgrade soon and get a cooler running CPU and different CPU cooler as well). The best idea here is to make the chair off limits to your cats. It took exactly 1 hour for me to build the chair from unboxing to the finished product. The recline feature is identical to that of the original version of Secretlab Titan, and it gave very firm and stable support, even for our bigger staff members. Another part of the stress test is its resilience to stains – in solid or liquid form. The tightly sealed package ensures that the moving parts are snug and will not move around in transit. The screws are pretty small so you have to line them up perfectly to get them in. I took my time with this one since it wasn’t completely clear which way it was meant to be put on. In other words, if you opt for the SoftWeave option, make sure you're careful if you're noshing some food during any extended gaming sessions.

We can’t completely describe it, but it really feels way better than the fabric material used in other gaming chair brands. A simple process though and similar to most of the gaming chairs on the market. ... reddit. Prime PU Leather vs SoftWeave Fabric. Gaming enthusiasts who’ve been around for quite some time now will have a very divisive experience about this and might have a hard time switching.

This is a side by side comparison with the Titan and Vertagear SL4000 (featuring my cat Kosmos). Other than the fact that they begin as a bright-colored stain, they “age” and accumulate into darker and grimier types that are not only unsightly but also harder to remove. A lot of readers ask us why they do not get the same feeling from the original PU leather version.

Yeah thank for the reply, i'm leaning towards the softweave but i always eat and drink at my desk so ill just have to be very careful, the PU leather supposedly cracks and things so its putting me off, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pcmasterrace community. Based on my research, living in Phoenix, I went with softweave.

In fact, I did it twice. Like most other so-called gaming chairs out there, the Secretlab Omega features a design inspired by racing seats.

Fabric-based chairs are extremely prone to runs and scratches from pets or sharp objects. Some gamers who we asked about the switch are a little bit apprehensive about it because of the established and proven reliability and performance of PU leather gaming chairs. Unlike real leather, Secretlab state the PU leather is, in fact, waterproof so if you do have any spillages or just a sweaty a** the chair won’t become damaged.

Even better? This is usually strapped to the chair and you can adjust it up and down. The Titan is different, it has lumbar support built into the back piece. It’s more comfortable and to me, that is what sells a chair. As you may know, Secretlab is an amazing gaming company that manufactures best-in-class gaming chairs based on the fundamentals and ergonomics of how a gamer chair should be. Gaming chairs have gained quite a following in recent years. Save big on these VPN services ahead of Black Friday. This is not our first rodeo with Secretlab, as we have reviewed a number of their products before. It sounds a lot fancier than it really is but it offers you lots of flexibility towards how you want to position the chair. The various levers and buttons don't feel janky while making adjustments and, once in place, they feel solid for the most part (more on that later). When I finally got a taste of just how comfortable they were at a local store, my interest was piqued, but I was still turned off by many of the designs available. I’ve played games longer than I can remember. As for the chair itself, the materials used in the design feel strong, durable and premium which is what you expect from a chair of this price. It's by no means a dealbreaker, and I'm confident they'll stay put through the life of the chair, but I could see them becoming looser over time. Combine that with myriad positions available from the adjustable levers, and it's easy to dial in the perfect position. This is great for when you want to put your feet up and watch something in a more leisurely position. On the side of the chair, you'll find a reclining lever that very much resembles what you'd find on your car's seat. Pulling the lever gives you a smooth action that allows it to go from a straight 90-degree angle to just shy of 180 degrees. What this means is that you can be confident about lying down and resting for a while without the worry of breaking either the chair or your back. The setup was really simple and Secretlab give fantastic instructions whether you prefer it through pictures and text or video, you won’t be stuck putting it together. They sit at such an awkward height and my last one was stuffed so much it was basically a brick behind my head. The Secretlab Omega comes in three different upholsteries, PU Leather, Fabric, and real NAPA Leather. The more tension the more weight you have to put towards the back of the chair to make it tilt. When installing the paddles onto the metal brackets the grooves frayed slightly because I didn’t correctly line them up. What surprised me most is just how steeply you can recline the back of the chair. You do this by pulling the lever on the right of the chair up and leaning back. From the flat wide base to the cushioning across the chair, it’s really comfortable. The Titan uses ‘PRIME’ Polyurethane (PU) leather. Sounds pretty insane, right? While this gaming chair is not a love it or hate it kind of product, here are some areas of improvement, as well as disadvantages of this product. The height and lock levers could be more durable (plastic). That is a very nice touch and can help prevent subsequent stains that can be almost permanent unless you have the product thoroughly cleaned by the pros. But there's one area where they often get a bad rap: their "extreme" looks and colorful frills. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. My current chair is all mesh so I can't say I have much experience sitting in PU leather chairs. It is hard to compare the armrests of these types of gaming chairs as they are all very similar. Press J to jump to the feed. Aside from the Secretlab Titan’s full recline feature, another thing we love about.

There are plenty of warnings around being careful with the lever since pressing it will cause the bracket to ping forward fast which might hurt you. I bought this chair for $350 and got free shipping. It’s comfortable. For a chair that is within the $500-margin price point, is the Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™ worth it? We answer with a resounding yes. Black Friday deals from $10: Save big on Echo ... With the PU leather … When you are in a tough level fighting monsters or having a neck-to-neck race with your opponents online, comfort is everything, and this is where the breathability of the material kicks in. The SoftWeave ™ fabric is tough, but remember that the material is not completely invincible. I live in Vegas, btw if that affects which I should get. These are all likely questions you will be asking yourself before buying. The only part that I struggled with was lining up the backrest to the side brackets.

The Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™ is on a league of its own, leaving the competition behind to eat its dust. This might be because the chairs I have tried previously had poor quality wheels. A minor annoyance but once it’s done it’s done. Softweave is better for ventilation, the last version of the pu leather had problems in peeling due to high moisture and people sweating although they say it is fixed but softweave should be better so you feel cooler. To somewhat help with regards to seeing how big the Titan is, check out the picture below.

If it came in all black with red stitching, I would have placed my order already. The Secretlab Titan comes in at the top-end of the gaming chair market. The lever still works fine but the one improvement Secretlab could make would be to have the levers pre-installed and not with plastic grooves. You might get away with being 170cm but I really wouldn’t recommend the chair if you are any smaller.

The Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™ is more than a step ahead in every aspect that you might be considering when searching the market for an ultra-reliable and stylish gaming chair. The armrests not only provide you great customisation but they are soft. This was the tricky part. The chair feels as though it’s built to last. If you're going to buy a new Razer gaming keyboard, these are the ones to get. However, if you are a hardcore gamer and action is heating up during tournament practices or long plays, breathability is everything. There are, however, a few quality of life upgrades that would make the chair perfect. Most of the top-end chairs cost a pretty penny so you want to ensure you are selecting the correct chair.

This is really a very remarkable piece of material and a definite step up compared to your conventional fabric seats and even PU leather seats. Pricing starts at $1,200, and they go on sale this month. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ultimategamechair.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. We have managed to lay down all the direct advantages and disadvantages or some factors that will need some getting used to, but at its current price point and the already tried and tested product specifications and features, this is one highly capable gaming chair that can be used by casual and professional gamers alike. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference. One direct advantage of the SoftWeave™ compared to the usual fabric is durability. After taking turns sitting and reclining on the Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™, we already know how durable it is. The first is an improved Prime 2.0 PU leather blend. One tip I would give, don’t do what I did in the video and tilt the chair face down.

It is difficult to find the most comfortable gaming chair for you without trying before you buy.

The intricate weaving process that created the SoftWeave™ in every Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™ chair allows the consumer to have a very soft yet well-supported sitting experience, and the texture is very comfortable to the skin. I have experienced this first hand while testing the product. Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave ™ At A Glance, Secretlab Titan In SoftWeave ™ Fabric: The Unboxing, What We Love About Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair in SoftWeave™ Fabric, What We Slightly Wish And Don’t Like About Secretlab Titan 2020  SoftWeave ™, Posture Series Armless Mid Back: OFM Gaming Chair Review, Secretlab Chair Throne 2020 Gaming Chair Review, E-Blue USA Cobra R Chair for Gaming Review (2020), Secret Lab Titan 2020 Gaming Chair Review. This is a huge improvement over the usual pillows you get.

Improved Prime 2.0 PU leather is one of the big upgrades. The first step is to attach the wheels to the base which is done by simply pushing the wheels into their respective slots on the underside of the wheelbase.

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