1-day stay is $30; 4-day stay is $45. Availability/Purchasing your Short Tailed Opossum. Her parents, Symon... Emmett is a handsome baby male Brazilian short-tail opossum that is looking for a new happy home! - (Coming SOON)

..Short Tailed Opossum, New Jersey » Paterson, Astro is the premier high-sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for sporting dogs. Located in Dickson, TN. Our availability of babies varies throughout the year and babies typically sell out very quickly. Tiny marsupials that are amazingly friendly, low odor and easy to... We sell short-tail possums online, delivered to an airport near you. They do not require large amounts of space, are relatively easy to feed, and are surprisingly low-odor animals. ∙ They are small animals growing to about 4-7" long with males being larger than females. All types of new and used cars, muscle cars, race cars hybrids and SUVs. Houston, Texas [United States] - If you are not sure where to begin or have a breeding goal in mind but don't know how to get there.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Product Image Item Name-Price; Meet Janus, the short-tail opossum! Buy and sell, a wide selection of car brands.

in one convenient place. Welcome Wensley, the white faced hedgehog! - I'm looking to get a... Drop your glider off the night before and we handle the neuter appointment and (optionally) three days of follow-up care and medication. Understand the danger and risk involved in breeding short-tailed opossum (including but not limited to a maimed or killed mother, maimed or killed father and/or killed litter.) Looking for a good home for these puppies. Welcome to Peeps N Paws!! Please contact us at 413-772-9497 for more information. He was born on... Saige is a gorgeous baby female Brazilian short-tail opossum that was born on August 28, 2020.

The temperature of the enclosure should be kept at 70 to 80 F. They are solitary animals however, and should be kept singly as they tend to fight with other opossums when they reach maturity.

They are considered a marsupial even though they don’t have a pouch. by kileykelley - They make unique and fascinating pets. 250.00. by richardintn - Houston, Texas [United States] - Brazilian Short-Tailed Opossums (STO), are great little marsupials to keep as pets. In 2011 our Coatimundi Severis and Ashley were featured on … Sep 4, 2019, Found 7 "Opossums" Pets and Animals ads from United States. Find Short.. short tailed opossum Cars in Meskegon, Michigan at AmericanListed.com classifieds – used car classifieds across Michigan. Jun 5, 2020, Litter weaning now!

..Short Tailed Opossum, New York » New York, Short Tailed Opossum For Sale in United States, Short Tailed Opossum For Sale in New York (1), Short Tailed Opossum For Sale in New Jersey (1), Short Tailed Opossum For Sale in Tennessee (1), Adorable male and female Sweet Marmoset Monkey for rehoming contact at, GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS +2 DC 50 COLLAR DOG Email us:- xxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx, Short Tailed Opossum Animals All Listings. Opossum. Gliders are truly fascinating critters to learn about, and there are many interesting. In 2008 "Critter Magazine" featured an article about small pets and Ashley was consulted and quoted in the article relaying her knowledge and opinions about flying squirrels and short tailed opossums as pets. Care and feeding: Provide your Short Tailed Opossum with fresh water daily in a water bottle. by richardintn -

We offer shipping, and... Sep 20, 2019, Brazilian Short Tailed Possums!!!! (6,732.2 km) Short Tailed Opossum Animals available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals.

sold out. by gliderboy4life - Short tailed opossums are one of the few true insectivores native to the Americas. Short tailed opossums are tidy animals but are known to escape their enclosures. Oct 30, 2019, Awesome little babies weaning soon.

STOs Males & Females Ready To Go! $1500 each or $2500 for a pair...

by gliderboy4life - For shelter, they use tree cavities, brush piles, the dens of other animals, and even attics, sheds, and garages.

Short-tailed opossums are adept at escaping, so whatever enclosure is provided should be made escape-proof. N. Virginia $175 and up. Kinkajous For Sale. 200.00. He was born on... Meet Stevie, the silver short tail opossum!

832.622.7824 GBGExotics@gmail.com. Please note- shipping...

Hedgehogs just born 11/3/20, more to come! They usually do not bite and are very easy to keep., you can even train them to use a litter box.

We provide cage, toys, diet, nail trimming, bonding, and playtime. If we're all out of babies, check with these other Michigan sugar glider breeders.If you're unsure where to start, learn how to buy sugar gliders from a home-based breeder, what to buy for your sugar gliders, and get some tips on bonding. at $25 + ($5 per day) for each cage. (6,988.2 km)

Kansas City, Missouri [United States] - - - Our kinkajou babies are extensively socialized, healthy and will come with individual feeding instructions. Short Tailed Opossums, also referred to as STO's, are small and very cute. All of our babies come pre-spoiled, and with a health guarantee! Call/text 413-772-9497 for more info!! Black Face Black Beauty Male.

When acquired as babies, they are very friendly and enjoy being handled and played with.

We have kinkajous for sale in Texas and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! Short tailed opossums are tidy animals but are known to escape their enclosures.

Sale Price: 700.00 Original Price: 800.00. (7,804.3 km) 3-5 months in age Four Eyed Opossums Short Tail Opossums Sugar Gliders Quick View. We provide free nail trimming for sugar gliders. (6,732.2 km) We are a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Racine, Wisconsin. For younger opossums that are not too strong, one without a steel ball works best. Short Tailed Opossums are basically odor-free and their cage only needs to be cleaned about once a week. Quick View ... sale. In the wild they eat insects, fruits, and vegetable matter. Janus is a handsome baby male Brazilian short-tail opossum that is looking for a new opossum abode! Quick View. Say hello to Saul, the salt & pepper hedgehog. We still have a few available for deposit!

We are a USDA breeder in Houston, TX and have over 15 years breeding experience. Nashville, Tennessee [United States] - Looking for a opossum breeder in Ohio preferably close to northwest Ohio, but willing to meet further if necessary. Gliders bred by Awesome Possum are eligible for free boarding for up to two weeks subject to availability. -

So adorable and friendly, plus easy to care for!! Centreville, Virginia [United States] - They are nocturnal and do best as a solitary pet.

by allspikes - They can be found in woods, open fields, swampy areas, and near streams.


Kinkajous are individually priced based on age, temperament, and lineage. Housing the Short-Tailed Opossum . He was born on... Stevie is a gorgeous baby male silver short tail opossum that is ready for a new forever home! Deposits can be...

A well-ventilated aquarium (at least 20 gallons) with a tight-fitting lid or a narrow-mesh wire cage should work well. Breeding Short-Tailed Opossums << Back to All Opossum Help & Education or Shop Opossum Products. Janus is a handsome baby male Brazilian short-tail opossum that is looking for a new opossum abode! Mom is a Queensland, while the the father is a..Austrailian Blue Heeler, California » Porterville, We have got 3 Cubs cougar with all vet records and papers.\r\nthis babies are well traine..Short Tailed Opossum, Tennessee » Centerville, Adorable male and female Sweet Marmoset Monkey for rehoming contact at (xxx) xxx-xxx8

Nov 16, 2019, Let me know if you are interested in a baby and I will put you on the fall list. Nashville, Tennessee [United States] - We have a climate controlled facility that houses only our animals.We are visited regularly by veterinarians, including Dr. David Brust, who is the President of the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians.

(5,928.2 km) The temperature of the enclosure should be kept at 70 to 80 F.

We accept deposits for upcoming babies whenever we have litters being raised. Small Animals at Preuss Pets. Standard Grey Sugar Glider. - Housing the Short-Tailed Opossum .

Brazilian Short-Tailed Opossum (STO) Information & Care General Information ∙ STO ( Monodelphis domestica) can live up to 4 years. Oct 17, 2019, Males and females available. Possums are flexible and adapt easily to various habitats. Males and females available Prices vary.

by mcbutter -

Ease of Care: - Easy - Intermediate - Advanced Diet: Rabbit Pellets & Hay: Dwarf Rabbits generally stay under 5lbs and require both hay and pellets in their diet. Here at Preuss we carry a wide variety of small animals. (7,804.3 km) With these animals comes over 30+ years of combined experience in breeding, handling and maintaining of different breeds of small animals. He was born on... Stefan is a good looking baby male short tail opossum that is looking for a new loving family! ∙ They are nocturnal but are easily interacted with most any time of day.

New York, New York [United States] - If you're looking for sugar gliders for sale, check out our available gliders.

Bare tail wooly opossums Baby bare tail wooly opossums 3-5 months in age Males and females available $1500 each or $2500 for a pair... by gliderboy4life - Houston, Texas - - Sep 4, 2019

Short Tailed Opossum for sale in United States. place in evolution, as marsupial cousins to kangaroos.

A well-ventilated aquarium (at least 20 gallons) with a tight-fitting lid or a narrow-mesh wire cage should work well. , has the best local price for glider neuters at $100. If handled at an early age they are easy to tame and become very friendly.

We would like to thank the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, IL for acquiring several of our quality Hedgehogs for their Educational & Breeding program and the St. Louis Zoo for acquiring several of our quality Hedgehogs for their Children's Educational and Breeding programs. SHORT TAILED OPOSSUM $296.99 $299.99: Few: N/A: N/A: N/A: Dwarf Rabbits.

Sep 10, 2019, Baby bare tail wooly opossums We  ship within the US via United Airlines. Short-tailed opossums are adept at escaping, so whatever enclosure is provided should be made escape-proof. They can be kept outside, but do best indoors especially in colder climates or strong summer heat. (5,570.2 km) Say hello to Saige, the short-tail opossum! Check out our prices and availability.

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