They are pretty powerful still.

(Locators, tac colony). Na'kuhl ships are the way to go with Ferengi plasma weapons as the dual heavy cannons have a built in 10% crit d making them close to as powerful as spiral wave disruptors the 3 piece Na'kuhl set will also give you good utility and survival capability.

Diese sind Modifikator-Suffixe, Fähigkeitspunkte, Konsolen and Ausrüstungssets.

Also going for quad cannons - plasma, if you own the ar'kif refit (not sure, you gotta google that up). Der Inhalt ist verfügbar unter der Lizenz.

and the console had some better stats. There is greater damage with increasing rarity. Also, I really like the sight of turquoise shots streaming from a T5 skinned Scimitar with Romulan vanity shield - this, above all, is key ... Space Barbie FTW! I am anxious to parse them this weekend on my T6 Vaadwaur Miracle Juggernaut CRF build. Dualstrahlenbanken feuern eine Serie von Doppelstrahlen, diie ähnlich einer Strahlenbank sind, Sie verursachen jedoch mehr Schaden und sind auf einen Bogen von 90° begrenzt.

OK, there are not as many specialised sets as for some other energy types but, given how Op any well built ship is nowadays, I really don't think it matters. The broken damage reduction to "balance" of the DOT portion of plasma weapons (and any others with DOT) generally makes them worse than a strong nonDOT weapon like phasers I thought, unless things have changed dramatically. OK, there are not as many specialised sets as for some other energy types but, given how Op any well built ship is nowadays, I really don't think it matters. Romulan/Reman DECS set isnt very good. That ship class goes good with cannon and it would be canon as well. +6.1% All Damage to targets in forward 90' arc. A Reman in a Khopesh with Plasma. I have utilized the 2x XP Weekend (Console) to get my Reman Delta Recruit from lvl 27 to 65 (I’m 3 lvls away). [Acc]x2, [CrtH]x3, [CrtD]x4 etc). Here is a list of the missions and the rewards you can choose so you can build the set you want. Sensor Mods 2pc is an additional 25% Plasma damage (plus something else, cannot remember what presently), and both the cannon and console are nice imho.

Ihr Schaden sinkt mit der Entfernung zum Ziel. They can only be mounted in the fore …

Lol Thanks for your input! Standard Modifikatoren: Können mehrfach auftreten (e.g.

That's really not the issue - procs are generally of very little relevance if any at all. One of my alts runs a T6 Scimitar with flagship set, DPRM 2 piece, all the Rep plasma stuff that's decent with 5 plasma DHCs and 3 plasma turrets.

I break them out every once in a while. There is greater damage with increasing rarity. Sie verursacht größeren Schaden wenn der Wert der Seltenheit steigt. Gear up with some nice crafted weapons in the mean time and you'll still be plenty effective. Sie können als Missionsbelohnungen und Abwürfe oder als F&E Herstellungssystem erhalten werden. * Isolytic New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A Subreddit dedicated to Mechanics and how to apply them to Builds for the MMO Star Trek Online.

(I see a Romulan & Reman Set in there). Mileage will vary with this, I’ve found. The biggest problem with plasma really is the lack of supporting sets, the only energy type that cant run dual aft omni arrays because there just isnt an appropriate set.

Don't shy away from using both CSV and CRF, since you need the most firepower for each case. Besondere hergestellte Modifikatoren: Star Trek Online makes it possible to replay missions so you can build ‘sets’ to equip your ship and your character. Currently flying the Khopesh. The Plasma Quad Cannons [Dmg]x3 is obtained from the Ar'Kala Tactical Warbird (C-Store, 1500 , RRF Tier 4). * Assimilated My only holdout for going cannon is that I just don't have the skills to fly a cannon build. Plasma with cannons or plasma with beam arrays? Engines were popular for a while but superseded these days, and even then it was for a particular meta. They have the same DPS as Dual Cannons, however they come with innate +10 Critical Severity bonus. This item will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement: The Console - Universal - Focused Singularity Modulator is obtained from the Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit (C-Store, 2000 , RRF Tier 5).

Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons are a Plasma-based directed energy damage weapon available for starships.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ar'Kala Warbird fires Plasma Quad Cannons, Ar'Kif Warbird activates Focused Singularity Beam, Console - Universal - Focused Singularity Modulator, Console - Universal - Destabilized Tachyon Emitters. I also have the Wide-Arc Plasma DHCs and Plasma Quads mounted, with one Isolytic Plasma Turret (lockbox) on the rear. Weapon damage penalty based on the distance to target.

Home; Ground/Space Builds; Mission Rewards; Tutorial; PvE Queues; FAQ; Streamers & Tubers; Fleet Rules ; Reddit; Recommended Weapon Sets From Missions (Plasma) As you can now play through any mission at any level when levelling up your character, you can selectively choose which missions to do to make the best use of your time playing the game. Star Trek Online Fleet. Damage dealt by penetrating through hull resistance. I am a rom tac and I actually use a full set of Corrosive Plasma DHC's and turrets. New Romulus reputation system has a good 3-pc weapon set (beam with zero drain, triple torp, and ZPEC). Plasma certainly has some unique weapons and good sets, but the unique weapons simply are not as good as the Phaser uniques, and the sets are, on average, not quite as nice as the Phaser sets.

Cannon weapons can be upgraded using the Cannon Weapons Tech Upgrades or assorted Universal Tech Upgrades.

Schaden durch Durchdringen des Hüllenwiderstand. For each item added after the first, an additional power is available. The biggest problem with plasma really is the lack of supporting sets, the only energy type that cant run dual aft omni arrays because there just isnt an appropriate set. Both consoles can be put into any console slot.

Plasma space weapons have a chance to apply a plasma DoT directly to the target's Hull. Will update you and let you know with CRF and CSV parses to compare. There is greater damage with increasing rarity.

There is greater damage with increasing rarity. Alle angegebenen Werte gelten für gewöhnliche Waffen.

Star Trek Online Wiki ist eine Fandom-Gaming-Community.

I’m definitely on a budget at the moment.

I suppose that is something I really need to get sorted.

* Romulan. The Console - Universal - Destabilized Tachyon Emitters is obtained from the Jhu'ael Tactical Carrier Warbird (C-Store, 3000 , RRF Tier 6). in the lobi store but i dont do lockboxes so cant tell ya there. K’ris’ Vengeance Player's starship discharges a massive tachyon burst which causes tremendous damage to enemy shields.

If you plan on running constant dps, use dual cannons. Ungewöhnliche Plasmawaffen (Raum) haben einen Modifikator Suffix, Seltene haben zwei, Sehr seltene haben drei, und Extrem seltene haben vier. +5.3% to +6.2% Directed Energy Weapon Damage. * Ferenginar In addition, affected foes will also suffer shield damage over time and have their shield hardness weakened moderately. Theres another plasma set (or two?)

+33% Plasma Damage for Directed Energy Weapons.

Sie erteilen höheren Schaden durch das erhöhen der Seltenheit. Schlachtkreuzer, Träger, Zerstörer, Dreadnought-Kreuzer, Eskortschiff, Angriffsgeschwader-Eskortschiff, Jäger, Lt. Kreuzer, Mehrzweck-Forschungsschiff, Raider, Raptor, Warbird, Bewaffnung der Lukari-Restaurationsinitiative, Quad Cannons very rapidly fire small, high damage bursts in a narrow firing arc, and are equally effective against shields and hull. There are several factors that can affect performance of space weapons. I am guessing supposed to be the color of rust, hence corrosive. One of my alts runs a T6 Scimitar with flagship set, DPRM 2 piece, all the Rep plasma stuff that's decent with 5 plasma DHCs and 3 plasma turrets. Xindi set - this one gives 13% plasma damage and comes with a turret and the plasma energy torpedo. Now I have to give some thanks to three people that pointed me to some information that got me a long way to getting this far.DunceCaps. It absolutely destroys, even if it's a touch behind a similar, but phaser, build on a JHVW on my main. [Ac/Dm], [Ac/CrtD], [Ac/CrtH], [CrtD/Dm], [CrtH/CrtD], [CrtH/Dm]. All energy weapons upgraded to Epic quality receive: All values given are for Common Beam Array at 100 Weapon Power.

Not true at all.

The Enhanced Plasma Infusion Space Set consists of two consoles and Quad Cannon weaponry: Plasma Quad Cannons can be equipped on any vessel that can load Dual Cannons.

[Acc]x2, [CrtH]x3, [CrtD]x4 etc).

It absolutely destroys, even if it's a touch behind a similar, but phaser, build on a JHVW on my main.

I left out boff, doff, ship traits and such as the toon I am building this on is not yet at a point to worry about that just yet. There are 2 plasma sets in the lobi store (ironically more than the other energy types), but they're both not very good traps for the unwary: Son'a set - this gives 25% plasma damage but pairs either a dual beam bank or a cannon (the 180 degree one) with a tricobalt torpedo. The MW cruisers are great big space whales. Alle Energiewaffen, die zur epischen Qualität verbessert wurden, erhalten: Alle angegebenen Werte beziehen sich auf Gewöhnliche Waffen. * Chronoplasma And I'm going to look for 360 back beams now just trying to figure out energy type. Hinweis: Sowohl der Schaden von Plasmawaffen als auch der prozessbedingte Schaden werden mit Plasmaschadenskonsolen erhöht.

* Plasmatic Biomatter * Altamid After some input I decided to rethink my build. All values given are for Common Dual Cannons at 100 Weapon Power. Unfortunately, there are no special sets, but here is a list of missions and the rewards you should choose if you are using a plasma build. Due to lack of set omni's there will be either no omni's or only 1 crafted or the lockbox omni. There is greater energy credit value with increasing rarity. Are there any good Plasma Space Sets, Consoles, Weapons etc that you use that work very well?

It would actually be decent if the energy torpedo wasn't destructible (why is plasma always cursed with destructible torpedoes?) On a for a budget approach that Bajoran set, the full 4piece, is a pretty solid choice.

I haven’t parsed, but it feels strong and I almost ALWAYS have aggro from everything in A-TFOs, so I must be doing something correct. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Battle Cruiser, Carrier, Destroyer, Dreadnought Cruiser, Escort, Strike Wing Escort, Fighter, Lt. Cruiser, Multi-Mission Science Vessel, Raider, Raptor, Warbird. I use the Lukari 2 pc, CC 3 pc (I always slot one torp in my energy builds, regardless of the fact that it goes against a meta idea build), and Isolytic 2 pc (avoid the torp in this’s a complete waste sadly) on my Temporal Light Warbird Plasma build.

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