For when a house has once been shaken by the gods, |585 no form of disaster [atē] is lacking, but it spreads over the bulk of the family-line [genos], just as, when the surge is driven over the darkness of the sea [pontos, adj.] Top subjects are Literature, History, and Social Sciences. Antigone makes it apparent that she is more loyal to her family, particularly her brother Polyneices, than to the king and the kingdom. Creon What should I do, then? My son’s voice greets me. Creon Am I doing wrong [hamartanein] when I respect my own prerogatives [arkhē, pl.]?

Instead juice that had sweated from the thigh-flesh trickled out onto the embers and smoked and sputtered; |1010 the gall was scattered high up in the air; and the streaming thighs lay bared of the fat that had been wrapped around them. The Messenger exits. Just as they were finishing, they heard a cry at, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. For if any man thinks that he alone has phrenes—that in speech or in mind he has no peer—such a psūkhē, when laid open, is always found empty. |925 Well, then, if these events please the gods, once I have suffered [paskhein] my doom I will come to know my error [hamartanein].

Antigone Why then do you wait? |170 Since, then, these latter have fallen in one day by a double destiny [moira]—each striking, each hacking, both with the pollution [miasma] of a brother’s murder—I now possess all the power [kratos, pl.] |1195 The truth [alētheia] is always best. Creon You complete and utter villain [pan + kakos, superlative], [6] attacking your father, laying charges [dikē] against him! (sealed in).

[ back ] 1. dēmoleustos= stoned [leustos] by the people [dēmos], [ back ] 2. turannos, plural turannoi (Lydian word for ‘king’): ‘king’ (from the viewpoint of most Greek dynasties); ‘unconstitutional ruler’ (from the viewpoint of Greek democracy). No, this piece of luck has fallen to me, and me alone. ], when troubles [kaka] lie at your feet. |605 Your power, great Zeus—what human transgression can check it? No, whomever the polis may appoint, that man must be obeyed in matters small and great and in matters just [dikaia] and not. What can this mean?

Creon What’s this? |420 Soon the wide air was choked with it. What! Is that plain and sufficient proof? Turn your profits [kerdos, vb. Wayfair Cheap Beds. Antigone Consider whether you will share the ponos [labor] and the task. You, however, tell me—not at length, but briefly—did you know that an edict had forbidden this? ], this drives men from their homes, this trains and warps honest phrenes to set themselves to works of shame, |300 this teaches people to practice villainies, and to know every act of unholiness. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Ismene Poor sister, if things have come to this, what would I profit |40 by loosening or tightening this knot? house of Labdakos. Ismene What? Guard My lord, I’ll not say that I arrive breathless because of speed, or from the action of a swift foot.

Washington, DC 20008 |.

Blessed [eudaimones] are those whose lifespan [aiōn] has not tasted evil [kaka]. Eurydice knits in her chamber until she kills herself with her needle. Afterwards we turned away to enter the maiden’s stone-bedded |1205 bridal chamber, the caverned mansion of Hādēs’ bride. For harms sent from the gods swiftly cut short the follies of men [kakophrōn, from kakos + phrēn]. [ back ] 11.

”O tomb, vaulted bride-bed in eternal rock,” Antigone says. Your concern is for him. Other symbols in ''Antigone'' include money, as Creon believes that greed must lead people. Then the ill-fated boy was enraged with himself |1235 and immediately stretched himself over his sword and drove it, half its length, into his side. Will I fall short of sharing your fate? Guard I am. Antigone They do, too, but for you they hold their tongues. He does not believe that anyone would dare to disobey him, even if it goes against the will of the gods. I don't think he wanted the burden or responsibility for her death. Creon Then tell it, will you, and so unburdened go away? Teiresias |1060 You will stir me to utter the dire secret in my phrenes. Staggered, he fell to the earth with a crash, |135 torch in hand, a man possessed by the frenzy of the mad attack, who just now was raging against us with the blasts of his tempestuous hate. to kill them both?

Ah this guilt [aitiā] can never be fastened onto any other mortal so as to remove my own! For the altars of our city and our hearths have one and all been tainted by the birds and dogs with the carrion taken from the sadly-fallen son of Oedipus. Why didn't he stone her to death? For the sake [kharis] of what law [nomos], you ask, do I say that? See for details. Creon And even so you dared overstep that law [nomoi]? -Graham S. The timeline below shows where the symbol Antigone's Tomb appears in, ...enters, and tells the guards to interrupt her lament, to take her away, build a, ...went to bury Polynices. For Creon, as I saw it, was once enviable: he had saved [sōzein] this Kadmeian land from its enemies [ekhthroi]; and having won sole rule [monarkhia] in the land, he guided it on a straight course and flourished in his noble crop of children.

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