So having it very cleanly defined so that thousands of people around the world who are reviewers can all make the same decisions consistently. And the idea that you only pay if somebody actually watches those ads. And that users and our uploaders have an understanding of what those policies are. WOJCICKI: I remember sort of asking like, “Wow, like wait. They’d given out their search bar for free.

And saying “ads is going to have its own quality, but it’s going to be in a separate section and we’ll never mix the two” – because the early search engines had this whole paid inclusion model where you could pay to be in the search results, and Google from the very beginning rejected that.

Santa Clara County, California, United States. One too many “free iPod” ads, your click rate plummets. So regardless of what the culture is that we’re not doing anything that would in the end lead to harm. WOJCICKI: So YouTube, like … “broadcast yourself” was the original tagline. When you’re caught off-guard, when you’ve prepared nothing, and are asked to make a gut call, you want your gut to be right. HOFFMAN: And if this is already making it feel like you don’t know which end is up, don’t worry: Dr. Becky says, physics has your back. Focusing on hours watched instead of videos clicked meant devaluing clickbait, in favor of videos that match the viewer’s interests. She is an avid follower of celebrity culture and idolizes the fieriness of Cardi B.

And it sounds like it’s really big, but the whole space was probably less than a thousand square feet. Her sister Anne married entrepreneur Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google.

HOFFMAN: The job has only gotten tougher now that the CEO chair is hers. In 15 years, YouTube has become the world’s largest video platform. They are lodged in between the two big well-known generations, the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.

And everybody feels like that’s a big goal. And I can assure you that pretty much like every kid in the world knows about demonetization and the policies because all creators talk about it. Nobody thought there was actually any money in search. – View Susan Wojcicki height, weight & body stats – Susan Wojcicki’s biography and horoscope. Should they go toe-to-toe with YouTube, and try to kill them? So a lot of traditional media people miss that, because they had to spend so much time on perfecting what you see on TV that then suddenly when you see someone filming something and they’re in their bedroom and their room is a mess and the drawer is open and stuff is falling out of it and the bed is unmade, they were like, “Why would you want to watch that?” But people do. It had to do with some of the ways their product worked and the fast turnaround in terms of upload to having that be available for all their users.

WOJCICKI: I hadn’t prepared anything. There’s a video for that. But also, YouTube would need some guidance to support this rich, strange, diverse ecosystem. After pursuing education, Susan initiated her career via marketing at Intel in Californa.

That’s the dream. Charlie, that really hurt!

It is a nice analogy. : Google early on had a lot of philosophy about democratizing, like: how do you make advertising accessible to everyone?

It’s many, many micro-decisions along the way. And if you ask anybody at Google in that period and said, “Hey, what are the YouTube guys working on?” They’d probably say, “Oh, they’re working on this crazy billion-hour thing.” And it was good: It was well branded, it was understandable, it was specific. Finding and keeping true north is just as important when you’re navigating a company through massive scale. But they needed guidance on how to grow their users.

Susan Wojcicki’s birth sign is Cancer. And let’s be clear: at that time, neither Susan nor Google had a map either. Gaming is a huge area for us on YouTube…. But refrigerator mishaps aside, Susan’s early arrangement with Google would end up pointing her toward her own true north. I saw that with Google. This kind of growth happens fast. Searchable video was a huge component of that. But headline after headline quipped, “. I was so close. A lesson in how quickly directions can go astray if you lose vigilance in the wrong five minutes.

: Google probably had about 30 people and we decided to build our own ad system. In his six years at YouTube, Shishir was responsible for much of their scaling success.

That's why she enrolled in the UCLA Anderson School of Management and earned her degree of Masters in Business Administration in 1998.

She also served as a consultant at Bain & Company and R.B. And so I took a shower at 8:00 and at 8:05 when I came down, the refrigerator had already been delivered, and Sergey and Larry had put it in their space. They knew why they were buying YouTube, and where they believed it would take them. By the year 2000, they had captured a quarter of the search market.

This impacts not just grand corporate strategy, but the teeny day-to-day decisions made by everyone on your team. The focus isn’t even on the elephants. Watch the Dr. Becky YouTube channel. Apart from the philanthropy, Susan is also vocal about various social issues plaguing the society including but not limited to paid family leave, the plight of Syria and the people displaced by the war there, and the gender discrimination in workplaces, especially in the tech companies. Brands said, “We don’t want to be on content that has profanity or violence or certain types of topics,” right? The 52-year-old American was born in the Year of the Monkey and is part of Generation X. Susan Wojcicki’s birth sign is Cancer and she has a ruling planet of Moon. The ads would have to be additive. The southern hemisphere has its own pole star, Sigma Octantis. So just the depth and the long tail of videos is pretty amazing to me. Everybody in college at the time had internet and they had lots of searching requirements. I produced a model. No matter what I want to fix, there’s a video for it. Google Video was going to fit squarely into Google’s mission of Making Search Better. It’s a new era of how are platforms going to be managed to both be responsible but enable free speech?

: YouTube launched a few months after us and were very soon bigger than us. Discover: Dan Rather: Interview On Trump, Controversy, Getting Fired, Net Worth And More.

And that at the time seemed really unique. The company had gone public the year before. That “something” was the start of the dot-com era.

I had already completed this master’s program, but it just wasn’t in me. WOJCICKI: I didn’t really know what I was doing. HOFFMAN: That’s Dr. Becky Smethurst, astrophysicist at the University of Oxford.

In September 1998, the founder of Google, Larry Page and rented Susan's garage of her Californian small house to build up their first Google office. Interesting: Andrew Napolitano: Married Man Or, Gay? This is where it went.

And it should be super targeted and relevant. To utilize the budding YouTube, Susan purposed to buy the company. : I like high-growth environments. Go back to what your Scoutmaster might have told you – the key to navigating uncharted territory is: if you don’t have a map, use a compass. WOJCICKI: I started working in video with Google’s product called Google Video. I think the challenges were people thought that the video was really low quality. That’s the dream. So I very quickly learned that this was a much more scalable way to be able to get the word out.

Susan Wojcicki height, weight & body stats.

HOFFMAN: Pursuing this goal meant a programmatic shift in how YouTube defines “quality.” Previously, “quality” meant search results and recommendations that were the most accurate to search queries. Even though it sounds dreadfully unscientific to keep describing the wrong north for the entire galaxy, it would have caused even more chaos to rename everything. And that’s pretty much all there is to say. Failing at scale was not a familiar experience for Google back in 2005. : They entered through the garage and they actually had a hallway with a few bedrooms off of it. TV never had gaming. And if you were in the Scouts, your Troop Leader might have taught you how to spot it if you ever get lost. Now you’ve heard of the combination restaurant? : We created this way for all universities to have Google search on their properties, and that was a program I worked on. (You may remember Anne as the founder of 23andMe, and a previous guest on this show.) Shishir Mehrotra is the co-founder and CEO at Coda. We had been working on it for over two years that we actually came on a model that’s pretty close to what we have today with the existing AdWords. They kept the old, incorrect definition. WOJCICKI: We purchased it for $1.65 billion. But at the same time know that they’re watching you carefully, because every single thing you do has some kind of impact for them. There’s a reason I wanted to talk to Susan of all people about how to keep true north as your company scales. Then it turned out that Sergey and Larry were starting their company and they needed office space. Her channel is called. HOFFMAN: Just like with Google, getting ads right gave YouTube the runway to grow. It can be useful to everybody.” Which is true, but how do you do that with no budget? And all of their resources went into making sure they did it better than anyone else. Growing up among academics, she’d always assumed she’d become a professor. HOFFMAN: This is a key point, and central to YouTube’s true north: not everyone is an expert, but anyone can be. And as Google grew, its true north evolved – to democratizing the Internet. Even if it means you fail? And everybody feels like that’s a big goal. WOJCICKI: We’ve had to make a number of changes in terms of how we handle monetization because brands required it. The vision was – and I don’t want to say this was mine – but they said we should really make the ads be targeted. And welcome back to my YouTube channel. Susan's sister also contributes to the cause through her own Anne Wojcicki Foundation. That was their clear true north. HOFFMAN: Google Video was going to fit squarely into Google’s mission of Making Search Better. I asked Susan about it. It would transform Silicon Valley’s trajectory – and Susan’s as well.

If I say that a star is located in the galaxy’s northern hemisphere, astronomers and astrophysicists all agree on where that is.

The least compatible signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Aries and Libra. But we innovated a number of times on the ad model.

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