Rated 5.00 out of 5 € 50.72 € 30.16 ex GST 50.72 € 30.16 ex GST POPP outdoor ping pong tables combine the game of ping pong, the colour and storytelling of artwork and the value of placemaking to create a prized feature in any community, school or urban space. BestFive.com.au is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.au. If you're buying for commercial use, you might need something more robust, especially if it's going to get a lot of use. Rubbers, blades, robots, clothes, accessories plus unique bat designs, all in stock. To dive a little deeper, outdoor ping pong delivers in leaps and bounds – for your mind and body. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; document.write('<\/a>'); Butterfly Australia - Table Tennis equipment - Table Tennis Tables, Bats, Balls, Ping Pong, Rubber Sheets, Tenergy, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. Given the size of the standard table, you'll need much more space than that, unless you want to be up against the wall trying to play.. For competition use, you need to have 14m x 7m (LxB) for a good amount of space. AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? There is of course scope to have a little note “bats and balls at the cafe” illustrated on the table top. Where the table is located will determine the preferred option and POPP is happy to provide advice tailored to your location and community.

document.write(addy_text97121); Its corners have guards to protect players and children from injury when running around. Buying a Table Tennis Table?

Please contact us at info@popp.world for a delivery quote to your location. Designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) Artwork, the HERO and ICON outdoor ping pong tables can have original work, typography, contrasting block colours or patterns, logos or slogans applied to their surfaces. We are proud to be associated with the biggest brand such as STIGA, CORNILLEAU, YASAKA, BUTTERFLY and NEWGY and we are always happy to offer you free expert advice, especially when it comes to buying an Indoor or Outdoor Table Tennis Table or Bats, Blades, Rubbers, Shoes, Balls or Robots. Tennis Warehouse Australia.

The speed, spin and placement of the ball requires players to have gross and fine muscle movements. Strong 75mm wheels allow for easy transportation around the backyard or other areas. Ping pong (or table tennis) is both a brain game and incredibly physical. Come shop with us or talk to our friendly staff in our Melbourne office, call (03) 9779 6406 today! Table Tennis Equipment, Tables (Indoor & Outdoor) are our specialty. The full-size top is suspended on strong metallic braces (20*10mm) and legs (22mm diameter). How? This email address is being protected from spambots. A light minimal design conceals the superior 'space-frame' strength of its supporting quadrants. Please contact info@popp.world if you have any site planning questions. If you want to fix something to the ground in your backyard, you could spend $2,000+ on a permanent table tennis table. We carry Indoor and Outdoor tables. The table is a two-piece set, the halves do not join up but the securing of the net and the locking wheels ensure that the halves do not move around once positioned securely. The ability to play half-court alone for fun or practice, or as a double, is a very attractive feature. Installation and assembly on most surfaces is a simple, fast and one-stage process. Weekends and after hours by appointment. Paul has over 40 years experience of playing and working in Table Tennis. var addy97121 = 'aristontt' + '@';

Contact Paul to organise a mobile shop visit. A near-on indestructible and iconic table for parks, open spaces, retail and commercial precincts, schools, campuses and health facilities, the HERO empowers communities with an engaging, active and customisable placemaking tool. Melway 51 H8.                    Business Hours : 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. The height can be adjusted up to 80mm. Ariston Table Tennis Sales is an innovative company based in Melbourne, that stands at the forefront of table tennis technology and offers a large and complete table tennis online shop. Convenient storage for balls and bats, as well as ball dispensers, make life easier when in the throw of the game – no more chasing flighty balls around. document.write('
How much room do I need for a table tennis table. You can also purchase table tennis tables from K-Sports, All Table Sports Australia, TR Sports, Tennis Warehouse, Table Tennis World, Intersport and Sportsmart. For the right advice to suit your table tennis table needs contact Australia's most experienced Table Tennis Player Pinkewich.

The 6mm MDF aluminium composite surface is durable and an ideal thickness to provide a good responsive bounce for a great game. I'm a huge fan of making your table unique, so you'll find some brands offer purple, black, green and even pink tables, to suit various desires. Using durable 12mm Bluetex the surface is strong and hardy, ready for long term use and provides an excellent playing surface with a good responsive bounce. We offer FREE FREIGHT within Australia, for purchases over AUD$50, excluding Tables and Robots. This 10-year warranty applies to all the various components, with the exception being the wearing parts (wheels, net and net posts). Storage is simple with the two-piece design and wheels for easy movement.

The HERO table is fabricated from high grade steel and undergoes a comprehensive surface and paint treatment. What better than the best outdoor table tennis tables to improve your skills and add a fun activity to your backyard setup. Unlike concrete tables, POPP tables can be moved and relocated if landscaping, development or other applications so require it. We are located in Outer Eastern Melbourne and have the largest range of BUTTERFLY equipment in Australia.

, © 2013 www.Butterflyaustralia.com - Table Tennis Equipment Online Shop, Please continue to wear your face mask while, Start shopping today by browsing our online storeÂ, Former World #1 - Timo Boll's Own Racket Combination. Since then, ‘artworked’ outdoor ping pong tables have generated a multitude of cultural, place, social and economic benefits for communities. While it's possible to purchase tables from Decathalon, Kmart, BigW and Target, these are poorly made and will end up breaking within a short time frame. Nearly all brands offer standard sized tables, however some tables can be smaller or larger. Two-piece foldable design to allow for half-court play alone or as a fun doubles game.

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