The bag has a 40-inch zipper opening, and it rolls up for easy storage. Have items mysteriously gone missing?

The 2,000-pound-capacity deck is made from recycled high-density polyethylene precision-shaped to match your truck bed, features four multipurpose ammo cans, and has edge and end guards. Fixed at 5 ft., yet you can reach up to 8 ft. 6 in. Jamestown, ND, 58401 Street price is approximately $40-$50 at time of print.

", " This truck bed cargo management system came in a nice aluminum finish, which appears to be very durable. It uses a unique ratcheting adjustment system that makes the bar fully expandable from 40-70 inches. Info: 866/414-5422,, Liner Locks The Cargo Management Kit HD is offered on the company’s website for $131.90 at time of print. The truck bed management system consist of two storage pockets for the side of the truck bed and a cargo reaching tool. Extends to 5 ft. 9 in. Monday - Friday The Tuff Truck Bag is available on the company’s website in black or khaki for $149.95 at time of print. Haul 2000 lbs of heavy, bulky cargo on the deck while gaining segmented storage underneath. Patents Information  Privacy Policy, © 2020 Agri-Cover, Inc. Info: 866/900-8800,, Decked Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. ", " This cargo management system allows small items to be stored at the back sides of the truck bed without them sliding all over the bed. Install an ultimate organizational system for your pickup bed at a discounted price. Each lock is manufactured from 16-gauge steel and will hold up to a 400-pound direct pull.

The Humpstor is advertised on the company’s website for $274.95 at time of print. tall galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel finish. The SwingCase is also easily removable so you can take your gear with you, and it offers two inches of clearance between the bottom of the unit and the cargo bed floor so it won’t interfere with hauling items such as plywood. The unit offers 2.3 cubic feet of storage space and weighs 26 pounds. Street price of the unit ranges from $975 (shortbed) to $995 (longbed) plus $75 shipping. With just a quarter-turn of the eyebolt using the supplied lever bar, the Liner Lock clamps down on any one of the 50 bedliner ridges. All in all, this was a great buy and very useful. Attaches to truck bed with no vehicle modifications. The ultimate system for keeping your truck bed organized, ACCESS® Cargo Management Kits combine the convenience of an EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tool with the practicality of ACCESS® Truck Bed Pockets at one affordable price. Do you want secure cargo bed storage but still require a fully functional load floor? Info: 208/806-0251,, Access Cargo Management Kit HD The Tuff Truck Bag is made from heavy-duty, non-breathable PVC material and all seams are water-tight sealed using heat fusion and epoxy.

Info: 866/306-3842,, Cargo Catch The cargo can then be easily secured with a bungee cord or rope. © 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

I have shown and recommended these to all my friends with trucks. Custom Built, Industry Leading Truck Caps, Covers and Cargo Systems With on-time delivery If you own a truck and either leave stuff up by the cab or wait for one of your kids to be around to fetch it for you, then this will be the best $45 you have spent on your truck in awhile. It’s one of three kits offered by Access, and it includes two items. Two sizes are available to fit medium and fullsize trucks. Available … MSRP is approximately $245 at time of print. Totally durable, good looking and a great addition to any truck. Choose from two different EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tools and either 5 or 6 in. Each bag has heavy-duty metal rings in all four corners in order to easily fasten the bag to any truck bed.

and adjusts to the perfect length. Your IP: Getting cargo in and out of a truck bed can be a chore, but we have the products to make it easier. Info: 888/386-4271,, Cargo Revolver As soon as my friend saw it he ordered one too. Defeat clutter and keep your truck bed organized with the Expedition cargo management system. Info: 800/237-7560 If you answered yes to any one of these questions, this story is for you. Info: 805/633-1235,, Gladiator Cargo Net Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time.Patents Information      Privacy Policy. The mounting bracket can be adjusted up or down to your height preference. Info: 901/493-7162,, Tuff Truck Bag The ultimate system for keeping your truck bed organized, ACCESS ® Cargo Management Kits combine the convenience of an EZ-RETRIEVER ® Cargo Reaching Tool with the practicality of ACCESS ® Truck Bed Pockets at one affordable price. Make your own ACCESS® Cargo Management Kit: mix and match your choice of an EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tool and ACCESS® Truck Bed Pockets. Are you tired of loose cargo slamming into the sides of your pickup’s bed as you drive? This net has an MSRP of $218 at time of print, but if you order in the months of May and June 2014 from the company’s website, use the promo code “4wheel” and you’ll receive a 20 percent discount on cargo nets. tall bed pockets in various finishes. " Attachment points are protected with rubber isolators. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed90f45aa8a382f A lever allows the baskets to be easily lifted from the tailgate into the bed of the truck and back. It measures 40x50x22 inches and offers 26 cubic feet of storage. Inside drawer dimensions are 18.1 inches wide, 8.4 inches tall, and depending on bed length, inside drawer length is either 61.4 or 72.1 inches. The other item is an extendable EZ-RETRIEVER, which makes it possible to reach items that have slid to the front of your pickups cargo box. ", 877-708-4787 A simple, inexpensive way to keep cargo in place is the Lund Cargo bar.

Using only one wrench and one person to install, the Unruli® cargo management system is ready to use in under 30 minutes. It’s made from heavy-duty 1½-inch webbing rated at 2,250 pounds and the heavy-duty rip-stop mesh fabric is rated at 278 psi. The two-pack of Liner Locks has an MSRP of $9.95, and the four-pack has an MSRP of $19.95 at time of print. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. We’ve collected a few cool and unique items that’ll help you restrain, organize, and secure the cargo in your pickup’s cargo bed. The Cargo Revolver has a street price of approximately $200 or less at time of print.

Info:, UnderCover SwingCase The first item is the Access Truck Bed Pockets HD, which is made from diamond-plate aluminum and is easy to install. 3000 Hwy 281 SE Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time. LTA Manufacturing’s LoadMaster™ Bed Systems offer a unique collection of fully engineered cargo management solutions that provide easy access to your cargo. It features two heavy-duty adjustable tension bars that fit between your truck’s bedrails, and they hold a netted bag with four partitions.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Info: 877/535-8833,, DU-HA Humpstor System is designed to clamp onto your truck bed with simple hand tools and requires no drilling. The Cargo Catch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer is designed to hold loose items in the cargo bed of your pickup truck. You want your truck’s transmission to shift, but not the cargo in your truck’s bed. Rugged cargo bag with pockets boasts 8 cu ft of storage space. Picnic at Ascot Heavy Duty Rigid Base Trunk Organizer -70 LB Capacity - Adjustable Dividers - 30" wid… Available in 5 in.

It also includes an organizer/gun rack set that is made of soft material so it won’t damage guns. Call 888-590-4769 for help with your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota and SUV cargo … The manufacturer says it’ll hold two shotguns or one rifle with scope. If your pickup truck has a plastic bedliner, the unique Liner Locks can offer a quick and easy way to secure cargo. Cargo Truck Organizer and Truck Bed Organizer. The Loadhandler is ideal for unloading loose cargo … The Tuff Truck Bag is a giant waterproof bag that you can stuff full of, well, stuff. The Cargo Revolver holds up to 6.8 cubic feet of cargo and comes with two baskets that can be loaded with up to 150 pounds of gear.

The entire unit weighs less than 10 pounds and is easy to install and remove. Tools and gear stay organized in full … 10 tools to manage your pickup’s cargo - In Control. Just as its name implies, the SwingCase is a storage system with the ability to swing out over the tailgate so you won’t have to stretch to get to the contents of the unit. ", " Absolutely love this product. The Decked system features two, 200-pound-capacity, lockable, weatherproof drawers that roll on oversized sealed-bearing wheels. The installation was very easy, and these cargo accessories are very useful. ACCESS® Cargo Management Kits offer the combination of an EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tool and ACCESS® Truck Bed Pockets. They come in a range of cargo capacities, with side walls to prevent cargo from falling off and multiple locking positions, and some are available combined with drawer storage systems. The company says that this system is ideal for use under a tonneau cover and will operate with the tonneau cover closed.

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